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by Jesse Starling

Welcome to our newest feature on the Magazine. Seeing as we are going into the Australian summer we found it only fitting to start to review some of the biggest surfing brands in the world’s newest bikini collection.

Like most reviews we do there will be a criteria. This criteria consists of, STYLE, COMFORT, FUNCTION (whether they stay on in the surf or not) and an all round bikini rating. We hope that this new segment helps all of you gals out there find the perfect bikini for summer, whether that means for surfing or even just sunbaking down the beach (PS: reminder to wear sunscreen)!

So to kick start this new segment we will be reviewing the new Roxy range! Roxy’s has released a bunch of super cute ranges for this summer including Kelia Moniz releasing her own gorgeous range but today we are reviewing the ‘On The Beach’ range. All in all this range in divine! Filled with pastels and a variety of different cuts in tops and bottoms there is truly something for everyone! 


Mind Of Freedom One Piece Suit – Yellow

This one piece is beyond adorable! Yellow is my favourite colour and I prefer to wear a one piece over a bikini so this one is a real winner for me! 

STYLE – Overall I absolutely loved the style, it wasn’t too revealing which is exactly what I like! 

COMFORT – The comfort was perfect! Super comfy absolutely perfect! 

FUNCTION – You are guaranteed for this to not come off in the surf! It didn’t get super cheeky when I bottom turn! I loved it. 

OVERALL – Was a cracking bikini! Definitely a must have!


Garden Surf Fixed Tri Bikini & Bottom – Black

This bikini is awesome for all the surfers out there! 

STYLE – A gorgeous black floral bikini is a real classic! The bottoms weren’t cheeky at all which was perfect. 

COMFORT – The bikini top is super comfortable with even more comfortable bottoms 

FUNCTION – The bottoms being a wider cut meant that they don’t ride up at all and pretty much had full coverage the whole time. 

OVERALL – Super awesome bikini to surf in!


Groovy Wavey Bralette Bikini Top & Mini Bottom 

Such an adorable bikini, but is it right for surfing?

STYLE – The design was gorgeous. The pastel pink and white compliment each other really well and would do so on any skin colour!

COMFORT – Super comfy top and bottom, however, in regards to surfing this top does have underwire which was uncomfortable to surf in so would recommend using it as a ‘day by the beach or pool’ cozzie! 

FUNCTION – Bottoms were on the cheekier side, but it is all preference! I personally found them a little too cheeky for surfing however, love them for a beach day! 

OVERALL – An awesome bikini to have in anyone’s closet, in regards to surfing I would recommend one of the other bikinis to feel more comfortable!


Mind Of Freedom Fixed Tri & Mini Bottom – Yellow 

My favourite out of all of them for sure! 

STYLE – Once again yellow is my favourite colour so the yellow is a big yes for me! 

COMFORT – This bikini is perfect for surfing in as well as a beach day! The bottoms are the perfect size for both surfing and tanning and the top in super comfy to surf in! 

FUNCTION – Everything was amazing, and I cannot fault this bikini! 

OVERALL – One of my favourite bikinis I’ve ever had! 

Roxy you’ve done it again! Yet another awesome bikini range for the upcoming summer! I hope this gave all of you a bit of insight into the new roxy range! Definitely jump online and add these swimmers to your shopping cart! 


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