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The Purple Patch  

by Jesse Starling

When was the last time you saw someone consecutively win 5 events back to back? Can’t remember? Well you’re currently witnessing it. With 16 excellent waves, 25 heat wins across 3 different continents Sierra Kerr has won the last 5 events she has competed in. Don’t believe me? Here are the stats. 

ISA World Junior Championships – 1st (Highest combined total 15.96)

WSL World Junior Championship – 1st (Highest combined total 17.54)

Urban Surf QS 3000 – 1st (Highest combined total 18.24)  

Port Stephens QS 1000 – 1st (Highest combined total 13.33)

Port Stephens Pro Junior – 1st (Highest combined total 15.33)

Sierra Kerr wsl world junior champion, photo credit: wsl

Still not impressed? In the Urban Surf QS3000 Sierra managed to get at least one excellent wave in every heat and had two consecutive heats in the 18 point plus range. 

The stats don’t lie and the fact is this has been a pretty excellent run of events for Sierra. We haven’t seen anyone win this many events back to back since Steph Gilmore’s winning streak across the late 2008 early 2009 season with 4 wins (Peru, Sunset, Maui 08, Snapper 09). 

It’s moments like this in surfing you hear athletes continuously use the term “clicked” and this seems to be just this.. “I feel like it’s all just clicked for me this year” – Sierra Kerr. 

sierra kerr winner of the byd urban surf qs 3000 pic: wsl

Almost a full circle moment for Sierra “This time last year I had a concussion in the beginning of the year and then the day I was cleared I hurt my knee and ended up on crutches”. So in one year Sierra has managed to win 4 Pro Juniors, 2 World Junior Titles, 2 QS events, drop one of the best female surf edits we’ve seen to date (Pre Kerrsor) and get her drivers licence. It’s all looking up for the young 17 year old. 

With all this success it makes you stop to ask, What has changed? 

“After my injury I figured I needed to start taking better care of myself, eating better and changing things to be the girl and the athlete I want to be. So I’ve changed everything, My routine everyday feels so good to me. Everything feels good to me right now haha”

Words I wouldn’t want to hear from an inform Sierra Kerr as a competitor. 

still shot from sierra’s new film pre-kerrsor photo by jesse little

With the QS 3000 at Avoca starting we will have to wait and see Sierra can make it 6. In the mean time while we eagerly wait for this, we can spill one of her secrets to success… 

“I’ve put myself on a very organic and clean eating program cutting out all bad foods.. So if I win I get a cheat day”

Sugar always wins. 

Tune in to the Ryde Central Coast Pro from March 4-8 to see if Sierra can go 6 for 6.

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