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New Small Australian Brand Making Summer Last Forever…

by Jesse Starling

We all crave it, that constant feeling of summer.

Close your eyes and picture this, the after beach feeling, sea washed hair, dried salt over your skin, the days sun rays soaked in, left with that feeling of eternal bliss, wishing that day can last forever. 

You know the feeling i’m talking about. Sit in those feelings for a second

What if I told you, you could have that moment in time 365 days a year. That eternal summer locked into a small glass bottle.

Introducing SONNY…

An Australian owned and operated fragrance oil, inspired by her love affair with the ocean, owner Amy Nadalin has now created, “The fragrance is like a day at the beach. The scent of holidays in summer, a fragrance that leaves you and everyone you encounter with nostalgia of endless memories of the perfect beach day”

If that isn’t the best sales line ever I don’t know what is. 

With SONNY starting off so simply, “SONNY came about due to me wearing a daily mix of beach-scented products, including my favourite coconut-scented fragrance with a mix of my favourite sunscreens, hair products, moisturisers, tanning oils, and the surf wax-scented air freshener in my car. When I would see anyone, they would always tell me I smell like summer and asked me what I am wearing?” Amy tells us. 

This became a regular occurrence and I had to explain it is a mix of everything, then I thought why not bottle it”. 

SONNY so beautifully encapsulated that full family business, with the brand being named after Amy’s son Sonny, and her daughter Ellie as the face of the brand, they have attracted some pretty big names amongst the surf industry to be a part of their journey, including Josie Pendergast. 

What started out as an idea to grow and share a personalised scent, SONNY now has grown to be stocking in 9 stores Australia wide and 1 in Bali whilst starting their first clothing range too. As for the future, 

“​​We are really hoping to have Sonny as a cult product and be able to stock Sonny in more places to be accessible to more Australians so they can sample before they buy because honestly with one smell, everyone falls in love and it takes them straight back to their favourite summer/beach/surf day and that’s what makes Sonny so special”. – Amy Nadalin. 

After testing the product myself I can truly confirm that I immediately fell in love and can’t get enough. To find out more, or test the product for yourself visit SONNY’s site here 


Jesse Starling

Jesse Starling, Owner of MurMur Mag, Professional Surfer and WSL commentator. Giving women a voice is what she does best.

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