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We Predicted The Future, Molly Picklum Won Back To Back And Women’s Surfing Proved To Be The Highlight For The Second Consecutive Event This Season

by Jesse Starling

Not sure if you remember yesterday but we predicted “A Molly and Betty final” manifesting at its finest… 

Today Molly Picklum created history by becoming the second ever woman to win back to back at Sunset. She now shares this title with one of surfing’s goats Layne Beachley. She arguably threw down the best turn ever seen in women’s competition… So technically, Molly is now one of the Goats.  

It wasn’t an easy road to get there though, Molly had to beat tour bestie Lakey Peterson in what looked like a pretty tough match up. I would say this was the first glimpse of what was to come for Molly as the ocean just seemed to be on her side. 

After starting the year off with an equal last at Pipe, this has put Lakey back into above Cut potential now sitting in 10th. 

2023 & 2024 Sunset event winner pic WSL

From Lakey to previous event winner Brisa the task just kept getting taller for Molly. But yet again in another consecutive Hawaiian semi final Molly put on a groundbreaking performance and made surf enthusiasts like us ask if her 9.67 was the best turn in womens surf history…. Yes. 

We do have to mention the incredible surfing Brisa Hennessy displayed at all events. There is no wonder Brisa is a previous event winner here, her connection with Sunset is one of the best on tour out of both the men and Women. Now with back to back Semis for Brisa, she is looking solid in 4th moving into Portugal. 

Betty lou, 2nd place 2024 sunset pro pic wsl

Now for the final (great predictions from us by the way). Betty and Molly were the two informed surfers all event. Both dropping excellent scores throughout all the rounds, it pretty much felt inevitable that these two were going to match up against each other in the final. What seemed like it was going to be a back to back match up, quickly turned into a runaway victory for Molly with Betty not bettering a back up score of a 1.50. 

Yet again these women have proved to be the definition of the future. Their fearlessness, progression and ability to add a feminine flair even in the toughest of conditions has proven to be the WSL’s saviour this season. Pipe was for the fucking girls, well so was Sunset. 

Thank you to the women who are consistently pushing the limit for the sport. 


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