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What is Murmur-Mag?

Murmur-Mag is an online platform created by female professional surfers to inform and inspire women from all around the globe. We aim to bring female only surfing content to surf fans, not just focusing on the top 16 women we aim to tell amazing stories ranging from WSL QS surfers, Pro Juniors, grommets, coaches, surf based health professional and free surfers alike.

Our goal is to bring life to women’s surfing through breaking news, amazing stories, current reviews and entertaining videos.

How do I get my news or story told?

If you have a product, service or personal story you think needs to be told to female surfers everywhere contact us at info@murmur-mag.com

How can I get up to date news?

We aim to break news daily, we will release articles on the website and update via stories on facebook, instagram and youtube. You can also subscribe for a news list here:

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