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by Jesse Starling

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl Tru. For me the word lucky is an understatement to be able to have Tru not only as my sister but as my best friend as well. The relationship we have is rare and it is one that I cherish more than anything else in this world. 

For all of those who are lucky enough to have met Tru know what a standout and amazing woman she is, but for all of those who don’t know or haven’t met Tru let me give you a little insight into the woman that is Tru Starling. 

Growing up with Tru has been much like growing up with a great dane puppy my whole life. A ball of energy and clumsy as hell. Although she has an inability to be any sort of quiet, her love for anyone and anything makes up for this in ways you cannot explain. 

If you ever found yourself in a room full of people along with Tru she is always one who will stand out. Her beauty is angelic, she takes all actions with a sense of grace and poise. Her smile could quite possibly light up every room, Tru is the ultimate definition of beautiful. Side note, if you ever do find yourself in a room full of people with music and Tru is there ask her to  do the hammer time dance. Trust me you won’t regret it….

We come from a long line of strong women and this gene definitely did not miss Tru. Not one to ever make a scene or harm a fly however, will not hold back from sticking up for herself and others if needed. Tru taught me one very valuable lesson of self confidence, in a time when I didn’t even know it existed. She would stand up to my bullies for me because I did not have the confidence to do so myself. If i cried, she would hold me, if i fell she would pick me up, if i felt like giving up she would be the one to push me to the finish line. 

The word grateful is a massive understatement. .

If Tru had a superpower it would be her Hard work ethic. Honestly this woman does not stop. From training everyday both in the gym and in the surf, to running a magazine, being a surfing nsw commentator, working two jobs and yet still finds time to say yes to anything anyone needs. 

Although Tru may be stubborn, she is never shy of a good time. Whether it’s card games with the crew, puzzles and face masks on a sunday, wines on a saturday or just pumping waves. Trust me Tru will never turn any of these down.  

Now one last message from me, Tru, thank you for being the best person in my life. Thank you for grounding me when i need it, holding me when i’m sad, laughing with me even in the most inappropriate of times, thank you for holding my hand so i don’t wander off when i see bright and shiny things. If there was one thing i’d ever ask of you apart from “do you want to come surfing” or “can you make me a tea”, is to please never change. Not only are you my big sister, but you are my forever best friend and I cannot wait for the next 20 years of adventures. Whatever the world throws at us I know i’ll be ok as long as I am by your side. 

So i hoped that helped you all get to know Tru a little better. Pretty amazing I know. Happy Birthday Tru, we love you. 

JS xx


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