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by Tru Starling

Most people who surf, want to get out into the ocean to press the reset button, to wash away the days hardships or to just be. And it can be quite overwhelming, no no, frustrating, when you expect to just go out there and have a jolly good time and get completely hassled the whole entire time.

Well, we thought we would give you a few cheeky tips on what we have found has helped us get waves out in the male dominated line-up… 

  1. Smile at everyone.

And when we say everyone, girl, do we mean everyone. The nicer you are and the more you give someone a reason to smile, the more likely you are to get a wave off someone out there. 

PC: @trustarling & @jessestarling
  1. Be strong.

Honey, if it’s your turn and a wave comes, it’s YOUR wave. If you’ve been waiting for the last 20 minutes and some grom decides they want to turn on your inside and go, don’t let them.You give them an inch and they will take a mile! So be strong, if you want it and it’s your turn, you go. 

  1. Be respectful. 

Not that you need to be told this but sometimes people do. If you are going to paddle around people and go up their insides and take waves off them, you will most certainly get a mouthful, it doesn’t matter where you go. And the plus side of being respectful, you will actually end up getting more waves because the locals out there will be thinking “Oh yeah, she’s cool, she’s respectful, she can go this one.” 

PC: @trustarling & @jessestarling
  1. Have a chat. 

We will always make the effort to have a chat with most people out there. The nicer you are to people the nicer they will be to you. So, treat people how you want to be treated and eventually they will start giving you some waves out there. 

  1. Do BIG turns

If none of these work for you out there, the next tip is always the best one. Do some BIG turns. If someone is being rude to you and you know you surf better than them, do a big turn in front of them and they will most certainly back off. The more people who know you rip the more waves you will catch. 

So, there you have it. 5 tips on battling the line up. We hope that these work out there for you during your next surf! But always remember to have FUN, because the person out there having the most fun is the one that comes out on top. 

PC: @trustarling

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