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by Tru Starling

Before you start banging on about the spelling of Fuun (instead of fun) see below


In 2019 if you asked most people about Japanese girl surfers they would probably give you names like Mahina Maeda, Shino Matsuda, Ren Hashimoto, Hinako Kurokawa. The list of Japanese girls taking the Juniors and the QS by storm is huge.

Anyone who competes on the QS tour knows it was only a matter of time until a Japanese surfer qualified for the women’s CT. They are technically great surfers and they never seem to fall.

AMURO WITH HER EYES ON THE PRIZE. Pic. amurotsuzuki Instagram

Then like a bolt of lightning, out of nowhere Amuro Tsuzuki took the surfing world by storm. Amuro’s 2019 went like this (top 5 QS results);

  • 1st – Ichinomiya Chiba Open          
  • 1st – ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro
  • 3rd – white buffalo HYUGA PRO            
  • 5th – Nias Pro                                    
  • 5th – Mothernest Great Lakes Pro            

As a slight side note the 2 girls that finished 8th and 10th (Amuro and Alyssa Spencer) finished 1st and 2nd in the world junior titles in 2019 justifying they belong on tour, if not now then surely very soon.

YOUR 2019 WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPION. AMURO TSUZUKI Pic. amurotsuzuki Instagram

At the close of 2019 Amuro had missed qualification by 1 spot… 1 Spot. However just when Amuro was heading back to her 2020 drawing board, recently crowned 4 times world champion Carissa Moore decided to play the fate card and announced a year off tour to work on her Olympic dream of gold. 

This gave Amuro the prestigious title of Rookie on the 2020 CT tour and the first ever Japanese female surfer to qualify for the world tour. History was made and Amuro’s name would forever be in the books.

AMURO WINNING THE SPAIN 10,000 IN 2019 Pic. amurotsuzuki Instagram

Okay, now let’s fast forward to March 6th 2020. We had decided to surf Manly with our Costa-Rican sister Leilani McGonagle before the first 10 star of the year and the display of surfing Amuro was doing down the beach was, if I could give it 3 words, Technical, Powerful and Critical, everything that is required for the CT.

AMURO GOING UPSIDE DOWN Pic. amurotsuzuki Instagram

Amuro had made it to the dream tour via strong surfing and a “sprinkling” of luck and watching her surf that day we all agreed she was going to rattle the cages of the other 15 girls.

However, by the end of that contest at Manly surfing would change and change forever…

Manly was the last contest we have seen in 2020 and what was possibly a test event for Amuro to go into snapper her first CT event of 2020. The rest is as we know is history. No QS since, no CT since and realistically there probably won’t be any of those for the rest of the year.

So here are my questions to the CT Surf Gods…

If Carrissa decided to have a year off

and Amuro has been given her spot while she is away

and surfing may be off for the year

Are you starting to get where I’m going with this??

Will Amuro get to dip her toe in the CT ocean in 2020?

Even if the CT is called back on, would Amuro even be allowed to leave Japan to compete? How does that affect any CT based contracts in place for her etc, etc.

With a very (and we mean very) quiet WSL right now Amuro and Japanese surf fans as a whole need some answers?


We at Murmur-mag want to see Amuro on tour and would like to offer this suggestion to the WSL if the worst case happens for her CT dream in 2020.

In 2021 have a 17 girl roster. She deserves it!

Good luck Amuro we backing you.

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