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by Jesse Starling

This article is for all the boys out there who have taken our advice on how to date a surfer girl and now wondering what the perfect date for their girl would be. 

Well let us give you three date ideas that will rock your surfer girls world. 

First things first, we are very and I mean very easy going, you don’t have to go above and beyond, because we all appreciate the simple things in life. 

No fancy restaurants with huge dinner bills, give us a surfboard and some chocolate strawberries and we will be yours. 

Leilani enjoying option number 1 Pic @leilanimcgonagle

Date number 1:

Ok this is honestly one of the cutest date ideas ever. 

An arvo surf into the sunset with your girl, tandeming, sharing waves and just all round having a bit of fun. After this head back to your place, cook your girl some dinner (because we all love a boy that can cook) and end the afternoon off with a RomCom, something sweet and a cuddle. 

(If you can’t cook, our favourite take out will suffice)

Date number 2 is a good one! Pic. Pinterest

Date number 2: 

This date is possibly the easiest way to get to a surfer girl’s heart. 

So first things first, obviously have an afternoon at the beach, swimming, surfing and even snorkelling if possible. We love to have fun so try to make all our dates as entertaining as possible. After our beach afternoon, car jams are always a definite! Old school throwbacks are our personal favourite however, try to put on some songs that you know your girl will vibe to. Take us to a headland, have snacks prepared and enjoy a cute picnic whilst the sun goes down. Serious goals. 

Date number 3 must start in the ocean. Pic. Pinterest

Date number 3: 

This one is for all the boys who want to go above and beyond to impress their surfer girl. 

First pick them up in the morning and take them to find some super fun waves. (yes we know every date seems to be about the ocean but hey it’s what we love) 

After, head to the nearest acai bowl place and get us one because most of us drool over acai bowls (with peanut butter of course). 

For something a bit different for some afternoon fun, bowling is a great idea. Although it is away from the ocean we all love a bit of competition and bowling is the perfect way to get a bit of friendly competition going. 

Boys, we hope this helps. Treat her right!!! Pic. Pinterest

Drop us home, and walk us to our door, because boys, I know you know that’s the right way to do things. And maybe just maybe, you might score yourself a sweet goodnight kiss.


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