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Who’s IN for 2024…

by Jesse Starling

Can you feel it? It feels like something has been brewing in the off season and we’re about to see the start of a pretty exceptional season. With a younger crop, some fresh faces and the goats now out, it feels like the doors have just opened for a completely new tour… Is this the start of the next generational shift?

With energy high, equipment dialled and our competitors looking more ready than ever, it felt like the perfect time to ask some of the industry’s best their opinion and predictions on the women’s 2024 World Tour. And don’t worry, we’ve asked a wide variety of industry workers their opinion to grasp an overall theme for this tour. From incredible WSL commentators, World Junior Champs, and Team Managers, their is definitely a lot to talk about this year…

The Goat.. Steph gilmore

“I think this year is going to be a big year in women’s surfing.. I think the maiden world title for the next generation of women’s surfing in the likes of Caroline Marks, is going to open the floodgates for a new blood on tour to make a charge. This will in turn reinvigorate our already dedicated elite athletes

My feelings are Molly, Caitlin and Caroline will be very hard to beat this year, with a fresh perspective on how to surf and manage heats. I’m predicting wildcard upsets in the Pipeline and Tahiti events though” – Rosy Hodge (WSL commentator, Ripcurl Athlete)

Molly Picklum.. photo cred WSL

With similar opinions to one of surfings greatest voices, our ISA & WSL World Junior Champ seems to agree with Rosy on her predictions too…

“I think Caity and Molly are going to have a good year again and get in the final 5, it will be a goof battle for who does better out of them…. Also I’m calling Sawyer for rookie of the year” – Sierra Kerr

It feels like we’re starting to see a pretty similar thought pattern from all different areas amongst the industry. Brent Power, CI team manager (one of the best team managers we’ve ever come across in the industry) has his thoughts on this year too…

Luana Silva back on tour this year.. pic. wsl

“I think this years tour alpha’s will be Caity, Molly, Marksy, Lakey, Tati and Tyler. I think the surfers to watch will be Betty Lou and Gabby in terms of new power players pushing that top 5 conversation… In saying this, it’s going to be fun watching the battle between Alyssa and Sawyer for the first 5 event on who can work out the WCT chess match first…” – Brent Power

Now for my two cents…

“I truly do believe this year could be one of the greatest competitive seasons we’ve seen in a long time, in regards to rivalries and competitive fire. The goats are out and the doors are open… the question is, will anyone break Carolines roll? She knows how to win a world title and now, the 2 biggest competitors that were in her way are out… I’m thinking a potential B2B World titles for Caroline and the only competitor who will potentially take it off her… Molly” – JS

We will just have to wait and see but there are definitely exciting times ahead. Pipe Starts tomorrow, who’s your pick?


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