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by Jesse Starling

The first in a monthly series on monthly mindset tips from Strategic Physiotherapist and Mindset Coach Sammie Flook. In this video Sammie looks at Compartmentalising Techniques Incase Anxiety Arrives.

Follow this amazing series of videos with Sammie and Murmur to help build a platform to squash any mental health issues that may arise during your everyday life.


In this episode Sammie will be taking you through a compartmentalisation task to help you work through times of anxiety, worry or self doubt ✨

Majority of our Anxious thoughts and feelings rely heavily on how much time and attention we give to certain thoughts and feelings and most importantly how we decide what thoughts and feelings are worth listening to or ignoring as well as how we are actually determining whether our thoughts and feelings are valid or true or not?

When we learn to compartmentalise, we learn to take an effective analysis of our thoughts or feelings that’s leads us to an action in the moment instead of an over analysis that leads us to ruminate and feel stuck! You can find a further break down of this 3 Draw Compartmentalisation technique in the comments below!

Past Draw: is where we store every experience up until this moment, we can’t by definition control, fix or change an experience from the past or do anything with a thought from the past now, but we can learn from it, by what we do differently now.
Present Draw; is the only draw that we can work out of, it has all of our resources that we can access to respond to our experiences in the moment, even in times of discomfort. It focuses on helping you turn your “What if’s” to a “What can I do” and “I can’t” to “I get to choose”. Bringing us back to an action in the moment.

Future draw; has all of the goals and visions we want to work towards by what we do presently. We can’t control what comes our way and again by definition can’t do anything now with what we anticipate to lay ahead, but we can build strategies and create a plan to work towards what we want in our future, by again what we choose and do in the moment.

You get to choose what thoughts and feelings are worth accommodating to and what are not.

We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we did!

For more on Sammie Flook go to: https://www.thecorehealth.com/about



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