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by Tru Starling

India has been working hard to get to where she is now in life and to stay there, she has to work even harder. We thought, it’s time we have a chat to India to see what it really takes to reach your dreams.  

India, firstly, congratulations on qualifying for the Championship Tour. I bet it is still somewhat syncing in for you.Travelling on the Championship series at the end of last year was a huge few months of travel. Taking out the fact that you qualified for the championship tour, how did you feel your overall performance was?

Traveling for 3 months straight and competing in back to back events was hard, especially when it had been so long since we were able to travel and compete because covid put a stop to that for almost 2 years. So it was hard to get into the competition mindset, but after that first event I was able to wash off all of my nerves and I went into every heat with this huge desire to win and do my best surfing. I think in France it all clicked for me. I was not only surfing well but I felt like I was competing really well. The challenger series is brutal with so many good surfers so you have to play smart heats!! Overall I’d say my performance was strong”

India Robinson
India looking focused in her WSL gear. Pic. WSL
Qualifying for the world tour is the dream of most competitive surfers, what was your very first initial feeling about this huge achievement?

“When I was competing in the last event at Haleiwa there was obviously a lot of pressure on me because I needed to make a few heats to qualify. for me I didn’t want to know what I had to do, I just wanted to keep winning heats. After winning my semi final heat I came in and was asking everyone if I had done enough, they told me to just focus on the final. But I couldn’t until I knew. So then they told me I had qualified, I didn’t have time to celebrate because I had to go straight out for the final. but it was just disbelief. It took a long time for it to sink in. But I mainly just feel really proud of myself for continuing to chase my dream. With all odds against me I managed to keep pushing and achieve my dream”

India Robinson
What do you think it takes to reach your dreams and what sacrifices did you have to make to get yourself there? 

“It takes a lot of determination and dedication to qualify. I sacrificed pretty much my whole teenage years, when most teenagers are out at parties with friends I was surfing and training. I left highschool after year 9 so I could do online schooling which would allow more time to train and surf. At 19 I decided to move out of home and go live in northern NSW, this was a huge step for me. I’ve always been very committed and I knew that if I put in the most work and trained the hardest then I could make it on tour”.

India Robinson
Your support team is strong, will this be changing going into the rest of the year? 

“My support team is amazing. I like to keep my circle pretty small. Most of the people in my corner are friends or people I have worked with for many years that I trust with my life. I’ll have the same support team for years to come”.

India Robinson
Now coming into Bells, your hometown event, how are you feeling coming into this event?

“I’m feeling really excited to surf at my home event at Bells. Before my dream of qualifying my dream was to be in the Ripcurl pro at bells. It’s such an iconic event and I’ve been going down to it for as long as I can remember!! So to now be in the event not as a wildcard but as a professional surfer on tour is crazy!! I’ve grown up surfing this wave, I feel very comfortable out there so I just can’t wait to put my jersey on and go surf bells in front of my whole community”.

India Robinson

We have known India for years now and you would be hard pressed to find a more committed athlete. From our point of view you get out what you put in with everything you do in life and based on those principles India is exactly where she deserves to be. We can’t wait to see India take on her home break of Bells from tomorrow and we’re hoping she goes all the way and rings the iconic trophy.

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