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by Jesse Starling

After a very long break, today was the day that Australian junior surfing kicked off again in Victoria with the annual Ripcurl Gromsearch National Final taking place in the Urban Surf wave pool in Melbourne. With groups from all over Australia coming to compete in this prestigious event we saw girls as young as 10 to the oldest of 16. There was some amazing surfing showcased today so we thought we would take the time to congratulate the crowned champions of the 2021 Australian Ripcurl gromsearch National final. 

girls ripping in the wave pool

THE 12 and UNDERS… 

It started off with two stacked semi finals. 12 of Australia’s youngest and brightest girl groms split into two heats of six. With Ruby Trew taking out the first semi final ahead of Maia Tate and Stella Green taking out the second semi final with Quincy Simmons close behind we knew that we were in for one amazing show down in the 12 and unders final. 

The final outcome looked like this… 

1st place – Quincy Simmons (33.59 total) 

2nd place – Ruby Trew (27.64 total)

3rd place – Sara Hickson (21.9 total)

4th place – Stella Green (21.19 total) 

An amazing final with all 4 surfers dropping 8.00 rides in the final! Australia’s future is in good hands, congratulations girls! 

heat paddle out

THE 14 and UNDERS… 

The 14’s event was run a little differently than the 12’s instead of two semi finals of 6 there was only one of 12. Now may i just say this was a massive semi final filled with so many incredible surfers! The talent in these girls is seriously through the roof! However, at the end of the day only 4 surfers made it through to the final, these girls included Zahlia Short in first place closely followed by Willow Hardy, Jahly Stokes and Shyla Short in that order. This meant for a pretty crazy final! 

The final outcome looked like this… 

1st place – Willow Hardy (24.00 total) 

2nd place – Zahlia Short (21.96 total)

3rd place – Shyla Short (17.40 total) 

4th place – Jahly Stokes (17.04 total) 

girls going to town out there

THE 16 and UNDERS… 

Now the 16 and unders was filled with some serious talent. Once again 12 of Australia’s best surfers aged 15-16 competed in two stacked semis. These girls were posting some serious numbers! Dropping 7.50’s to 8.50 rides everywhere! After the semi finals were complete we saw a pretty stacked final including Holly Wishart, Charlotte Mulley, Ellie Harrison and Mia Huppatz. I mean wow… 

The final outcome looked like this… 

1st place – Ellie Harrison (29.07 total) 

2nd place – Holly Wishart (21.80 total) 

3rd place – Charlotte Mulley (20.80 total) 

4th place – Mia Huppatz (19.29 total) 

Molly Picklum

After a long day some very deserving winners were crowned! Congratulations to all surfers however especially to Quincy Simmons, Willow Hardy and Ellie Harrison for taking out their divisions! And congratulations to Ripcurl and Surfing Victoria for a pretty amazing competition that was run in a new ground of surfing. Oh and congrats on having all ripcurl champions in all the girls divisions! We look forward to seeing more junior events being run this year, as well as seeing more events potentially being run in wave pools! Australia’s female surfing future is looking good, keep it up girls! 



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