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by Tru Starling

With the release of the schedule for the 2021 Championship Tour, everyone was eager to see if Teahupo’o would be on the list for the women’s events. We were not disappointed when we heard the women’s best will be charging this dangerous and mesmerizing wave on the 10th stop of the Championship Tour in August 2021. 

This isn’t the first time that the ladies have taken on this event. In the early 2000s, the women competed at the high consequence wave with women like Keala Kennelly and Layne Beachley giving it a solid go. 

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With the re-introduction of Teahupo’o on tour, we thought we would speak to the head of women’s surfing on the WSL, Jessi Miley-Dyer and Tahiti local and QS surfer Vahine Feirro to get their take on the event. 

Hey Jessi! I’m gonna get straight into it and ask about your thoughts on having the womens at Teahupo’o. 

I think it’s awesome! Teahupoo is such a special wave, it’s so beautiful but challenging. … The last CT event there I was actually a rookie on tour, and I remember the anticipation that I had coming into the event and the butterflies around it. It’s the kind of wave where you could get the wave of your life, but also the pounding of your life. Looking back from the lineup, it’s one of the most beautiful backdrops I have ever surfed an event in. I love that we are going back to such a special place. 

Who’s idea was it to get the women back at this consequential wave? If it was yours, where did the idea spring from?

Haha, thank you but it was a team decision! It’s really important to us as WSL that we continue to advance the women’s tour. Over the last six years under our ownership group, we have made a real commitment to equality –  not only in terms of equal prize money but also in quality venues for our women’s tours. So there are two things about this move for WSL that I’m really excited about: 1, that this means for the first time in history we will have an equal number of men’s and women’s CT events. And 2, it’s a return for the women to waves of consequence. 

Why do you think it’s important to have a wave like Teahupo’o on the women’s schedule?

It’s really important to me that we continue to push ourselves and grow the sport. I also believe that as the next generation comes up, that we show them that we believe in them surfing the best waves in the world.

Who’s your pick to win the event and why? 

Gosh, that is a hard one. We have seen great surfing out there from Tati and Caroline – however, I also think Vahine could potentially be really dangerous if she ends up being awarded a wildcard for the event. You know that the goofy footers are definitely thinking that one of them could win it !!

PC: @jessimileydyer Instagram

After speaking to Jessi, we thought we should speak to one of the local female chargers and QS surfer Vahine Feirro to see what she thinks about Teahupo’o being on the list for the female CT surfers.

Hey Vahine! What are your thoughts on having Teahupo’o as a women’s CT event?

I’m not really surprised that Teahupo’o is back. The Olympic venue for 2024 is at TeAhupo’o so I think that WSL had to bring it back. The movement of women in heavier waves is peaking at the moment as well. Women are pushing each other and that’s where the sport is heading towards. And I think it’s so exciting the women will be charging and expressing themselves In a contest which before we didn’t have that chance. And it would also bring more women in the lineup at Teahupo’o. 

Do you think you will get a wildcard into this event and if you do how will you feel?

Well, since I’m not on the CT yet, my only chance to get in is by getting the wildcard. I think it will be fair for somebody from Tahiti to get that wildcard so if I could get it it would be awesome to surf at home. But obviously there’s chances as well that they give it to somebody else like Keala Kenelly who won several times or a sponsor wildcard. But yes If I get in it will be so cool and if not I will be watching and it will just make me hungrier to get in the CT.

Who do you think will win this event and why?

If I get the wildcard, I really want to win that event. It’s at home and I feel pretty comfortable there. If I’m not in it , I’m calling Tatianna Weston Webb or Caroline Marks. Goofy foot power. And I have seen them getting so barreled so this will be the final for me. 

PC: @vahinefierro Instagram

Well we have to agree with Jessi and Vahine on this one. Teahupo’o is definitely a great addition to the Womens CT Tour. We can’t wait to see the women stand up and show the world what they’ve got! 

Get your popcorn ready, because it’s going to be one hell of a show.

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