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Two years ON with Sophie Fletcher

by Jesse Starling

Sophie Fletcher is one of the most remarkable humans to ever come out of Australia. The young lady from Phillip Island is a true definition of hard work, beauty and grace. One of our first ever articles we uploaded on Murmur was with Sophie and we thought what an amazing way to kick start our Murmur relaunch month by catching up with Sophie Fletcher a year and a half onwards. So let’s find out what has been going on in Sophie’s world over the last chunk of time. 

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1. So Soph it’s almost been two years since we’ve last spoken to you, bring us up to date with the life of Sophie fletcher! 

“Two years of the spicy cough, wow! It’s actually gone so quick. 

I have been living up north over the winters in the lovely little town of Pottsville! Then back on Phillip Island (my hometown) over the summers. I guess over these two years I have been doing lots of things! Markets on the weekends when we weren’t in lock down or when markets were cancelled. I love them! I’ve been travelling between Yamba and Noosa to different places and having a stall at community markets. I have been surfing my brains out, all those swells over winter were so fun! I met someone special last year, so it’s been really lovely to share all this with them as well as travel together on the road while he plays music all around Australia! 

I’ve also done some work for mental health and suicide prevention programs like ‘Waves of Wellness’ and “Phn Gippsland – Vic state government”. I did my first campaign shoot for Rusty Aus, dropping very soon! 

I am so happy with everything! Keeping myself busy! “

sophie fletcher pic – rusty usa
2. Sophie Fletcher designs has rapidly grown, you can tell how much love you put into your business, tell us what keeps you motivated to keep pushing. 

“Lots of love and learning! It’s funny I started this business at the very beginning of the pandemic to help support myself on the World Qualifying Series for surfing, then all the comps got cancelled! So I was so driven and excited to grow the business for when surfing came back on! I have absolutely no business background, yet I’m running a full time business solo. It’s challenging, rewarding and definitely keeps me on my toes. It doesn’t stop!

It has been two years of doing this and I still scream out to my house mates, boyfriend or family “I got a new order” when I get the email notifications! I really do get so excited when people love the product and are happy to spend their money on something I created! It’s insane! 

It has only really been last year that the business started to ramp up with sales and exposure, and I am starting to see random cars on the road all around Aus or surfboards in the line up with my sticker art on them, again I just want to explode with happiness and gratitude! 

But I think my favourite part about it, has been at the markets each weekend actually meeting everyone coming to my stall and hanging out. 

I am really looking forward to see how much I can grow a small business when life goes back to “normal”. I have only known covid life whilst running it. It’s definitely been challenging however positive to know I can grow it even during a world pandemic!” 

sophie fletcher designs new aurora jumper in black and white pic – sophie fletcher designs
3. We saw you recently launched your first line of clothing, could you talk us through how that process was for you? 

“My gosh, this actually took me forever! I really didn’t know what I was doing. I had this cool art that I doodled one afternoon whilst on the phone to a friend and thought “ this would look so sick on a white hoodie”. I then spoke to so many people, printers etc… confused, because I wasn’t sure where I was meant to start! Then out of no where I bumped into a lady that I met 6 months prior and she was telling me how she works at a screen printer up the road and would be more than happy to help out with the process! It was meant to be. Any ways I did it! From the art, swing tag design, neck tag design, colours… I launched my first run of hoodies and tee in 5 colours. It is called “aurora”, named after the artwork printed on it! Then I got you (Jesse) and two friends to be my models in my backyard, with hang sheets on the clothes line as our backdrop hahaha so fun!

I sold out of that run in 2 weeks! So I got them all made again, which is available online :)” 

sophie fletcher designs early design templates, these and more available at www.sophiefletcherdesigns.com
4. Where do you see Sophie Fletcher Designs going in the next 5-10 years? 

“That’s actually really exciting to think about! I would love to have a really groovy place (like a HQ) in a creative industrial estate or shop where I can sell my product, have a cafe where everyone can hang out, as well as it being my office and warehouse! I would have heaps of cool boards on the wall with different decals on them and sticker art all around as well as have all my friends and local art/ product in there too. I would just love a nice hang out for everyone! 

My plan is to eventually employ some people too. Help out with social media or send orders for me!” 

sophie fletcher designs pic why comms
5. Lastly, will we be seeing Sophie Fletcher back in the jersey this year?

“You will! I am so excited to kick the year off at my home break on Phillip Island! Unfortunately not the whole QS regional leg, as I have some exciting events happening for friends and family like weddings! However, I will do what I can! I am so excited to catch up  with both you girls on the island then back up the coast!” 

We are never short of amazed after hanging and chatting with Soph! She is a remarkable human being with a bright future ahead of her. We were always taught a hard work ethic will take you far in life and man does this lady have one. For everyone out there who is looking to start their own business and needs a fabulous role model, look no further than Sophie Fletcher. Thank you again for chatting with us Soph and we look forward to seeing what the world has in store for you.

If you are interested in buying any of the products shown on here and more, head over to —> https://www.sophiefletcherdesigns.com/



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