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by Jesse Starling

Yep you heard that right, this year (2021) will be the first year in history that there will be a female division for the iconic event that is Red Bull Cape Fear! What a huge accomplishment not only for the female competitors but for female surfing, a massive milestone and we are so excited to watch the ladies tackle this crazy event. 

Laura Macauley – Shipstern Bluff pic WA today

For those who are reading this and have absolutely no clue what any of this means let us give you a rundown of this prestigious event. The RedBull Cape Fear event isn’t an event for the light hearted. It is a big wave surfing event held at the infamous Shipsterns Bluff in the depths of Tasmania, it puts to the test some of the worlds best slab surfers. You either control it or it controls you. It is an invitation only event, this competition is for some of the most fearless people on this planet. A wave so scary to many but enjoyable for some. We’ve seen some pretty fearless guys take to this event with past winners including Nathan Florence and Justen Allport and we look forward to seeing who the first ever female champion will be. 

So let’s take a look at the first ever female competitors… 

Laura Enever Charging out ShipStern Bluff. Pic: @lauraenever instagram

Laura Enever

Laura Enever has taken the world by storm with her big wave surfing! After releasing her phenomenal movie ‘Undone’ the world has gone crazy to see more of her in the bigger swells. She showed us that anyone can do anything if you just believe in yourself! She will be a tough competitor to beat out Shipsterns and look forward to watching her get a couple out at this crazy wave. 

Laura Macauley absolutely Charging. pic: unknown

Laura Macauley 

Laura and her sister Bronte have always been absolute chargers but Laura has taken it to a whole new level. After growing up in the beautiful Western Australia, Laura eas always destined for big waves. She has already blown everyone away with their fearlessness at many places around the world including waves such as The Right. We can’t wait to see her challenge for the first ever female title! 

Lizzie Stokely showing us how fearless she is. Pic: @lizzie_stokely instagram.

Lizzie Stokely 

Lizzie Stokely went from grinding it out on the QS to absolutely charging massive waves around the coastline. A surfer with a full repertoire of skills Lizzie will be dangerous in this event. Used to the raw and unpredictable environments of her home in Tasmania we look forward to her using some of her local knowledge in this event. Good luck Lizzie! 

And last but certainly not least.. 

Summa LongBottom the only goofy footer in the female draw. Pic: @summalongbottom instagram

Summa LongBottom 

At only just eighteen years old, Summa LongBottom is the youngest competitor in this event. Absolutely fearless, this goofy footer can really push her limits and get out of her comfort zone so easily when it comes to the big stuff. The only Goofy footer in this female event we look forward to watching her give it a crack on her backside at this extreme slab. Go Summa 

Pic: @lizzie_stokely instagram

And there you have it, the first 4 women to compete in the first ever Female Red Bull Cape Fear event. We are beyond excited for all these ladies and cannot wait to watch them tow into some huge waves. The biggest competitor in this event is Mother Nature, good luck to all these women, stay safe, stay strong and stay courageous! The whole world is supporting you! Go Get em… 



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