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by Jesse Starling

Yes you read that right! Ripcurl USA has finally announced the green light on the 2020/2021 National Final after multiple postponements over the last 12 months! The events will be held on the 8th of May in the one and only BSR Surf Resort!

The National final was originally supposed to take place in early October of last year, however, unfortunately due to the global pandemic this prestigious event was not able to run at this time! However, after a long time of postponing and patience, Ripcurl and BSR were finally able to announce the Go ahead on this National event as restrictions ease in the regional areas.


We finally get to see North America’s top 16 up and coming surfers compete once again in these amazing man made waves! Not only will we get to see some awesome competing go down over the event, we will also see the Banzai Bowl Air Show, the SoftTech expression session as well as the PerfectSwell Barrel Shootout presented by the infamous brand, GoPro. We cannot wait to see who will be crowned champion at the end of the event! 

Luana Silva going to town on her backside pic @ripcurl_usa

Now you might be sitting there wondering, who are the top 16 surfers and how were there selected? Well like most things in 2020 the entries went digital. Competitors of the event were given the opportunity to take to their social media to display their extraordinary talent and hard work over the off season in hopes to get votes to qualify for the event. Entries into the event were open to all groms across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico free of charge. Each grommet submitted two of their best clips to be judged by a world class WSL panel. Over 450 clips were entered across the three regions and in the end the deserving grommets were selected and invited to take part in the return of this event. 

The beautiful Alyssa Spencer Pic: @alyssa_spencer1

One of the selected girls winners was the beautiful Alyssa Spencer and we caught up with her to chat about the upcoming event!

How excited are you to be back in the jersey and competing at this prestigious event again in the one and only BSR surf resort!

“I am so excited! I love the BSR surf resort. It’s always so much fun! I’m just excited to surf there again and get some time back in the jersey. It’s going to be such an awesome event!”

As being a RipCurl girl yourself you must be pretty stoked that the Ripcurl events are making a return as well as them being the major sponsors for the upcoming CT events in Australia!

“YES! Ripcurl has been crushing it! I am so stoked that they are sponsoring the majority of the upcoming events in Australia. It’s going to be so much fun to watch everyone compete again over there. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an awesome company.” 

Who is your biggest competition going into this event? 

“All the girls have been putting in a lot of work in this offseason so i think everyone is going to be surfing better than ever. I am just excited to get back to competing, give it my all and hope to come away with the win!”

Alyssa Spencer snapping away Pic: @alyssa_spencer1

After watching the Aussie girls absolutely dominate the Australian Ripcurl Gromsearch National Final we cannot wait to see what America has to bring! Some of the girls competing include Hawaii’s Luana Silva, California’s Sawyer Lindblad and Alyssa Spencer as well as Florida’s Zoe Benedetto! We can’t wait to see the event take place and watch what the girls bring to the table! Goodluck and congratulations to Ripcurl USA for announcing the return of this amazing event. 



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