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by Jesse Starling

We have been so excited about this article for a long time now and have been itching to share it with you guys! Seeing as 2020 has been one crazy year Roxy has decided to offer consumers an opportunity to ‘Win a trip’ to share some positivity and excitement post isolation. 

They are giving consumers the opportunity to request a beach in Australia and go in the draw to win flights and accommodation to their requested beach in Australia. Oh and did we mention the lucky winners also get $500 worth of roxy product! So we decided to jump on board and give all you lucky consumers a head start on some amazing beaches around Australia. 

So here are Murmur Mags top 5 favourite Australian beaches that we recommend for you. 

North Narrabeen Beach, New South Wales

North Narrabeen  

Of course we had to recommend our home beach. Narrabeen truly holds a special place in our hearts and we want to be able to share the beauty of our home with everyone. From a gorgeous lake to an even more beautiful beach, North Narrabeen is one of many gems on Sydney’s northern beaches coastline. For these reasons the beach draws in a crowd every summer who love to dwell in Narrabeen’s stunning surroundings. Fun waves all year round but remember to bring your respect and etiquette if you are travelling to surf at this prestigious beach. 

Just a few steps out from the ocean there are a number of cafes and restaurants to choose a variety of food and drinks. Mexicano, Moonlight Social House, Oceans and Zubi are all very unique and between the 4 shops they can meet anyone’s needs on any day.  

We can highly recommend this beach to anyone, and we hope you love it as much as we do. 

Cabarita Beach, New South Wales

Cabarita beach 

Now this beach is a real beauty. The crystal clear turquoise waters in contrast to the vibrant greenery that surrounds the beach is a jaw dropping sight. Cabarita beach located on the Tweed Coast of New South Wales, has everyone in awe of its beauty. An awesome little right point break that runs for miles is perfect for any surfer at any particular level. Take aside the extremely fun waves the beach is surrounded by pandanas trees that wrap around the beach and it’s headland which makes for a gorgeous coastal walk. 

With a little town just a few streets away, there is a huge variety of food for you to choose from. All the locals are extremely kind and are always so welcoming when we go and visit there. We love Cabarita’s calm and beautiful nature. This beach will seriously make you fall in love. 

Yallingup Beach, Western Australia

Yallingup Beach  

One of Western Australia’s hidden gems, Yallingup Beach should be on everyone’s bucket list. This gorgeous beach is perfect for any type of beach go getter. With a peaceful little lagoon surrounded by a shallow reef, this is the perfect spot for people who love to just go and swim and relax at the beach. A little further down the beach supplies extremely fun little waves amongst crystal clear, blue waters that allow you to see the divine sea life that lies in the reef below. 

A little town just out from the beach has a bunch of little shops where food and drinks can be enjoyed. A true Australian beach, with the drive surrounded by classic australian bush land, beautiful enough to make anyone smile. Will definitely be going back here soon!

Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach 

This beach is for all of the keen surfers out there. One of Victoria’s most prestigious beaches, Bells beach is home to one of Australia’s most historic coastlines for both free and competitive surfing. Bell’s beach has hosted the Bell Beach pro for close to 60 years, with winners such as Mick Fanning, Simon Anderson, Steph Gilmore and many more surfing royalty names. The waves that this beach produces are immaculate. The Raw and very powerful right hander is one of Australia’s most unique waves. It is definitely a wave for intermediate to more experienced surfers so make sure you are qualified to surf this wave before paddling out in the lineup. 

If you ever find yourself at this beach, once out in the lineup being surrounded by miles and miles of open water, look behind you to see an extremely raw phenomenal coastline, trust us you won’t regret it. Just a short drive out from the beach, there is an adorable coastal town with a variety of food and drink options. However, if you are planning on having a long beach day we would recommend taking food with you down to the beach. Cannot wait to be back down at this beach! 

Blueys Beach, New South Wales

Blueys Beach

Last but not least this beach is absolutely stunning. Located on New South Wales mid north coast, Blueys beach never fails to provide one hell of a beach day. Stunning blue waters, extremely fun waves, pristine white sand, good people and good food, seriously what more could you ask for. Oh and did we mention that you are almost always guaranteed to see some pretty cool marine life. This beach is always full of loads of marine life such as dolphins, fish and even sometimes turtles. Memories of this beach are nothing but amazing, we seriously recommend you go here. 

With food just a short walk away from south blueys you’re always guaranteed a great meal here. We 100% recommend that everyone try Cafe Kembali, for cracking Nasi Goreng (taste’s like you’re in Bali). We love road tripping up to this beach and will definitely be doing it for many years to come. 

Photo Credit: Roxy

Well we hoped our recommendations might help you out a little bit! This is only a few of the many many amazing beaches on our Australian coastline. With thousands of real beauties, some a little harder to get to than others, there is a beach to suit anyone’s needs. So get out there and get exploring. The competition is running for two months from September 1st to October 31st, so get your entries in and be sure to let us know what your favourite beaches are to! 

Entries are open! Click the link below to enter!



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