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Proof That Travel Broadens Mind

by Jesse Starling

Picture this… It’s Indo season, swells are incoming, mie gorengs are calling and you and your best mate (who’s a filmer by the way) embark on the surf trip of a lifetime. Sound Enticing? Well Anne Dos Santos and Shannon Hayes did just this. 

The two ladies spent two months traveling through North Sumatra with no plans, Island hopping, Sailing, bogging motor bikes and scoring uncrowded 6ft Nias. From their travels they were able to create something incredible to share with all of us surf enthusiasts. 

Shannon Hayes and Anne Dos Santos

Introducing ‘TWENTY TWO’ a surf film capturing Anne’s impeccable backhand barrel riding technique whilst allowing us to appreciate the beautiful cinematography of Shannon Hayes. Both these ladies aged 22 (perfectly titled by the way) were able to encapsulate 10 minutes of Powerful surfing, Indonesia’s irresistible culture and Anne charging waves harder than most grown men ever will…

“Having only made reels for online use with my friends and surf athletes, there was a strong desire to make a surf edit. When I met Anne, everything fell together. She is one of the few girls I’ve ever met, so down to chase new locations, big swells and push the limits.” – Shannon

If you’re looking for a film to showcase exactly why every surfer should travel through Indo in their 20’s, here’s your answer.


Now for the question you’ve all been waiting for.. 

Will there be a ‘Twenty Three’? 

“More is definitely in the works. This is what we want to keep doing” – Shannon 

“We plan to shoot along the East Coast of Australia this year and push keep pushing our boundaries in and out of the water” – Anne

Anne dos santos – captured by shannon hayes

I’m calling that a Yes… See you soon for Twenty Three…


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