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by Jesse Starling

In this day and age for a lady to have a “perfect” body society tells them they have to be slim thick. Slim thick, by definition “a woman with big/toned thighs, plump booty, normal sized hips, big boobs AND a flat/toned stomach.” Isn’t funny how only two words have the ability to ruin so many lives around the world. 

Since the dawn of social media, society has set an unrealistic expectation for women. If you’re not “slim thick” then you just aren’t good enough for society’s standards. Well I’m calling BS. Now I know I am far from being slim thick and I don’t even come close to fitting the impossible criteria of being slim thick. However, I am not bothered by it at all, actually quite the opposite. 

I was taught from a very young age to love every bit of myself, know my worth and don’t settle for anything less. Now don’t get me wrong, i’ve had my fair share of self confident issues and so has every other teenage girl around the world. But as a society we have to stop being so judgmental upon other people’s appearances. 

It should not matter whether you are curvy or skinny, cause in all honesty who actually cares. Every single one of us ladies on this planet is beyond beautiful in our own unique way. Let me give you an example, world famous music icon Lizzo, she is a loud and proud curvy girl, she has worked out for 6 years straight for her dream body. Now her dream body might be different to yours but that doesn’t make her any less beautiful than any other girl. 

It’s good to have achievable goals set in place for your body, for me I love the toned body of Sage Erikson and I want to work towards having a toned body of myself, however, that is something I will work towards and know it won’t happen overnight. 

Social media has taught us girls that we have to look like the kim kardashians of the world to fit into society’s impossible criteria, but I don’t want to. I am long, lanky and skinny and damn proud of it. No matter what your body type, skin colour, hair colour or religion is, we are all equal and should be bringing each other up rather than pulling each other down. 

As the queen B herself once said “when you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t”. The Oprah Winfreys and Gloria Steinems of the world didn’t do all that hard work to push women forward in society just for us to fall back down over fake news. We are Women, we are proud and we are ALL beautiful. 


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