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by Jesse Starling

Welcoming everyone back to yet another super cheeky article, our Pin Up Boy article! For all of you who are unaware of what this article is about, let me fill you in. Every month we use this segment to showcase some amazing friends of ours that we have met from around the world to all the ladies and gents out there. These boys are kind, they shred and of course they are all real cuties. We do have a criteria when it comes to choosing these boys so let’s get into it. 

Of course we followed the same rules: 

We choose from an international playing field. 

They have to be 18 or over. 

Be a surfer, snowboarder, skater, musician or actor.

Knows how to treat the ladies right

And of course a hottie. 

Introducing January 2021 Pin Up Boy


Name: Sandon (Sandy) Whittaker   

Age: 20

Hometown: Central Coast, Australia 

Star sign: Pisces (Most compatible with Taurus) 

Favourite Wave: Macaronis 

First Date Ideas: If it’s a morning date for sure go get an Acai bowl and a coffee followed up by a bit of a beach day, big towel on the beach, couple of surfs / swims. However, if it was a night time date we would go get dinner (of course her choice of food) and once we know a bit about each other go bowling and watch their competitive side come out! 


Sandy is one of the kindest, most genuine humans we know! He always gives you waves in the surf and seriously hypes you up if you’re surfing good. Sandy is also the winner of Murmur Mags top 10 nicest guys on the QS! An all time sweetheart who just wants the best for everyone. Ladies if you ever get to even go on a date with Sandy it would be the equivalent to winning the lottery! We love you sandy never change! 

Go check out his instagram here!



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