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by Jesse Starling

Ahh love. Four letters that the world chases for most of their life. Most young girls dream of love from a young age imagining all the wonderful things those 4 letters can bring to one’s heart. However, with all the perks love takes a lot of hard work, commitment and compromise, and when it comes to surfers love most likely comes with a good internet connection.

As surfers we are always travelling, constantly on the go and living out of a suitcase for the most part of our life. So if you make the decision to commit to us you might just have to get used to a little facetime love.

Now trust me this isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Here are four quick tips that will help you easily get through a little bit of facetime love.

The number one thing that will make your relationship survive is trust. You have to be able to have faith in your partner no matter where they are in the world. If you second guess everything we do then it can feel very suffocating. 

Number two, If we are in a place where the time zones are different find yourself a hobby that you know will keep you occupied for a long period of time if we are sleeping whilst you’re awake. This means you won’t be walking around in circles waiting for a reply.

Number three, we will almost always call you after our heats,  win, lose or draw so make sure that if you can, you watch our heats  because it means the world to us if you are wholeheartedly invested in something that we love. 

PS: be ready for some tears if we do lose our heat because that stuff hurts.

Number four, save your money so that the next adventure we go on you can come with us. We get to experience the world’s most beautiful coastlines whilst doing something we love, so come with us and experience the journey together.

The best thing about Facetime love is that you will always have time to spend with your mates while we are away but when we are home be ready for lots of cuddles and love because we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Oh and one last thing, make sure your internet connection line is strong hehehe

See you next week.


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