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by Tru Starling

Recap time! It seems only fair that we continue documenting the Australian Open of Surf and keep you all updated with the results. So…. Here goes, Stop 3 of the Australian Open of Surf the Kiama Open presented by the Her Wave Program was well, kinda small. 

PC: Surfing NSW @surfing_nsw of Molly Picklum @picklummolly

1-2 foot max, the event was held at Mid Werri Beach on both days of the event. Surfing NSW made a great call holding it at Werri with a fun left and right peak (shout out to contest director Rohan). With conditions deteriorating throughout the event, the competitors were still able to put on a pretty outstanding show. 

PC: @jaimevivesfilms of Anne Dos Santos @anne.dossantos

Last week we spoke all about Cedar Leigh-Jones potentially going 3 for 3 down at Kiama but unfortunately, Cedar had to pull out of the event last minute. So, that meant that the likes of Molly Picklum, Sarah Baum, Freya Prumm and more had the opportunity to take the lead off the young talent. 

PC: Surfing NSW @surfing_nsw of Tru Starling @trustarling

Finals day comes around, we find the waves are a little smaller than the day before but definitely still surfable. The Open Mens final featured Kalani Ball (1st), Dylan Moffat (2nd), Jarvis Earle (3rd) and Nathan Kawani (4th) who left everyone’s jaws on the ground with a great 25 minute heat. 

PC: Surfing NSW @surfing_nsw of Dylan Moffat @dylan_moffat

Now, for what you’ve been waiting for… *insert drum roll please* The Open Women’s final featured Sarah Baum, Molly Picklum, Anne Dos Santos and Tru Starling. With a 25 minute heat, all the girls had a fight on their hands. The waves were slow throughout the whole heat but Molly was able to find a gem of a wave scoring an 8.17 to consolidate the lead and walk away with $1,500 worth of prize money. Sarah Baum came in second with Tru Starling and Anne Dos Santos coming in third and fourth.

PC: @baumy_ Sarah Baum

So, now the leaderboard may see a bit of a shift in it’s rankings but there’s still 3 stops left to the series with the next one being this weekend at Coffs Harbour. Let’s all pray to our beloved wave god Huey for some swell to come through for all the competitors. Stay tuned for another great event fam…. 

PC: Surfing NSW @surfing_nsw of the Open Women Finalists @picklummolly @baumy_ @trustarling @anne.dossantos

If you want to read more, head over to Surfing NSW for more information https://surfingnsw.com.au/ 

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