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by Jesse Starling

As we count down the days until the start of the 2022 WSL Championship Tour season we were getting pretty excited to see action start up again. With everyone dropping some pretty serious clips over in Hawaii, we think it’s safe to say that we were all ready to see some world class surfing being laid down by the existing and new CT women. However, what we all didn’t anticipate was some pretty big news from the young Caity Simmers. 

Caity Simmers is one talented young lady. At only 16 she did what most can only dream of doing and qualified for the 2022 championship tour. However, for reasons of her own, the young talent has declined her position on the 2022 championship tour. We have no doubt in our mind that she will have plenty of years on the world tour in the years to come and big respect for backing herself on the call. 

Molly Has Officially Entered The Big Leagues. Pic. Unknown

Now to the news that blew us all away, Molly Picklum has officially secured her spot on the 2022 Championship Tour. We are so beyond excited to see her in the big leagues. Molly has been working extremely hard to achieve such a huge accomplishment and after putting in the time in Hawaii and scoring some pretty big waves of consequence we are sure she will blossom in this next chapter of her career. 

We got to chat with Molly the lady of the hour on all things qualifying, preparation and jersey numbers! Here’s what she had to say…

First of all! A huge congratulations is due to you! How do you feel about everything?

Molly – “Thank you so much!! It’s a hard feeling to describe because I guess I didn’t know how I felt. I was obviously super excited but my whole junior surf career everyone is talking about the CT as “a big end goal, as if it’s the pinnacle of a surf career” so i guess you create this picture of how much of a big deal it should be and feel. Which don’t get me wrong it is but I don’t feel much different I just feel like it’s the next stepping stone for my career and versing the worlds best is what I want to be doing so I’m grateful for that opportunity”. 

Molly is all smiles as she heads to Hawaii. Pic. Unknown

So give us the inside scoop, how and when did this all go down? 

Molly – “Inside scoop is… before Haleiwa I was actually hanging out with caity ironically. And amongst our chats she said that she’s unsure about being on tour because she wants to be a kid and hang with her friends and just surf and have fun. And At that time I didn’t think much of it at all obviously because the event hadn’t even started and I wasn’t super close to qualifying yet. So fast forward to when I missed out one spot, I nearly felt like I hadn’t yet missed out because I knew that Caity was unsure. Mind you I was bummed I didn’t win that heat because I wanted to be in control of my qualification and not have it in someone else’s  hands. My team and I then left Hawaii in the head space “ you didn’t qualify so go home have your break and enjoy Christmas and New Years“ so I did exactly that ( kind of haha I definitely wanted to know what her decision was but didn’t want to rush her because it’s a big decision). I also had already pre planned to go back to Hawaii for the starting of the CT anyways just to be there and spend more time in Hawaii. 

When I found out officially after a surf I came in and had my whole team calling saying it’s official etc. and a message from Jessi Miley Dyer saying I’ve got some good news to tell you haha. So I guess that’s the inside scoop”. 

Molly after a big win in 2021. Pic. Unknown

Who was the first person you told? and what was their reaction? 

Molly – “I was surfing with one of my friends Zoe and when we came in I looked at my phone, then looked at Zoe and said it’s official haha. Her reaction was omg I have goosebumps and I can’t believe it like you’re actually on tour haha what the heck. Is literally what she said”. 

Going into Hawaii and the new year, how do you feel? and how are you prepping? 

Molly – “Going into Hawaii I’m feeling good, excited and ready to give it my all and navigate my way through the next chapter. Boards are feeling best yet thanks to DHD, and I’m really happy with where my surfing is at.

 Prepping I’ve been in the gym, surfing heaps and testing boards, I have been fortunate enough to have had some crazy good waves similar to hawaii right here at home. But really enjoying my time leading up to Hawaii”.  

Lastly can you give away what your jersey number is going to be? Haha we’re dying to know 

Molly – “Haha so the numbers I was thinking were 101 – because that number to me means “there’s a 101 different ways to do and see things and that number makes me think  there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel “ 

I also was thinking number 5 because there’s 5 people in my immediate team and I’d love to do it for them. 

But I went with 26 haha, the reasoning behind why is because Glenn ( Micro ) my coach, he competed on tour in jersey number 25 and I’ve always said i just want to be better than Him ahah; Nah seriously though I just know he is stoked if he can make his athletes the best versions of themselves by using the learnings and experiences he gained over those years trying to qualify and being on tour. And I appreciate how much of an impact he has had on my life creating the surfer and person I am today. So 26 being one bit bigger then glenny boys 25 haha. Also it’s my Birth Date haha”.

The new number 26. Molly Picklum. Pic. Unknown

Molly had an upraw of support from thousands across the world. Here is what WSL coordinator Jessi Miley-Dyer had to say on the entire situation. “We are very excited to welcome Molly to the championship tour! I also support and respect Caity’s decision. We understand how important it is to set boundaries and respect your own pace of development. She has an amazing future in professional surfing ahead and we can’t wait to watch the great things she will continue to do for the sport!” 

Both young and talented women will have a long and bright future ahead of them in the sport. We cannot wait to see what caity accomplishes this year and for Molly to bring on the year ahead, WSLs most recent championship tour rookie for 2022. Watch this space.


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