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by Tru Starling

After months of waiting the women’s CT tour has started with a bang. Also, a little side note, it still sounds weird when they call Maui the 1st event of the year?

With some amazing performances from the usual suspects before a shark stoppage (ie. Steph, Tyler, Carissa, Malia) and watching Tati take the reigns as the most dominant goofy footer from Caroline, something started to become clear….

A few of the girls have had a board shift in the off season and Sharpeye has had a massive growth spurt on the womens CT. In the past boards like Channel Islands, Mayhem and DHD have had strong ownership on the CT and now more women than ever are paddling out on the CT with a Sharpeye logo under their feet.

Sally busting her fins and looking good doing it on her new Sharpeye. Pic @sharpeyesurfboards

Don’t believe us? Let’s break it down then:

Carrisa Moore – Mayhem

Caroline Marks – Mayhem

Lakey Peterson – C.I

Stephanie Gilmore – DHD

Sally Fitzgibbons- Sharpeye

Tatiana Weston-Webb – Sharpeye

Courtney Conlogue – Stamps 

Johanne Defay – Sharpeye

Malia Manuel – DHD

Nikki Van Dijk – C.I

Isabella Nichols – DHD

Bronte Macaulay – DHD

Sage Erickson – C.I

Brisa Hennessy – T & C

Keely Andrew – JR Surfboards

Macy Callaghan – Sharpeye

Tyler Wright – Pyzel 

Macy laying down her rail on her Sharpeye at home. Pic @sharpeyesurfboards

Total Breakdown

DHD – 4

Sharpeye – 4

C.I – 3

Mayhem -2

Others – 4

Johanne and her purple Sharpeye (and a turtle). Pic @johannedefay

We don’t know too much about Sharpeye surfboards, to be honest we haven’t even had the pleasure of holding one, let alone surfing on one but from what we can see coming out of Maui they go well, really well.

Sally’s surfing looks sharper than ever and Tati looks like 2021 could deliver a world title based on current form.

So what do you think? If it’s time to select a new board is Sharpeye going to be an option? If not… Why not????? Everyone is ripping on them.


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