Meet The Team

Jacqui Maree Bailey helps athletes, clients and practitioners to feel more integrated in bodymind to achieve both subtle and significant improvements in the way they move, breathe and meditate. Ideal for high performance and a healthy bodymind. Jacqui teaches and treats holistically, with extensive experience across eastern and western approaches to movement, remedial bodywork, breath and meditation. ‘Listening’ through astute observation, being present with the people in front of her, and finding the most effective solution swiftly in the moment plays a big part in Jacqui's approach.
You will most often find Jesse Starling in the ocean with a big grin on her face. Beginning her surfing at the iconic North Narrabeen in Sydney Australia at around the age of 12, Jesse began to grow her surfing career here with guidance from many of the surfing world's greats including Nathan Hedge, Belinda Hardwick, Simon Anderson and Laura Enever. Taking on the wisdom from those around her, Jesse learnt how to combine grace and power to become the rounded surfer she is today. Jesse has competed in a variety of events including the Australian Junior Titles, Pro Juniors, Qualifying Series events and has now gone on to become an young entrepreneur creating a female surfing magazine MurMur Mag to coincide perfectly with her competitive surfing career. At 19 years old Jesse is fully committed to creating a life in the surfing world with intent on inspiring and adding to the growth of female surfing.
Sammie Flook is a Strategic Psychotherapist, Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Training and have been working 1:1 with clients for the past 7 years. Sammie specialises in Habit & Pattern Management, Anxiety, Stress, Emotional Eating & Self Esteem issues. Sammie's Qualifications are: Certified Nutrition and Well-being Coach. Diploma in Strategic Psychotherapy. Certified Mindfulness Practitioner. Reiki Level 3 for Emotional Well-being. Sammie works out of Purify Essential Wellness in Mona Vale in Sydney.
Tru Starling has had a deep love of the ocean ever since she can remember and started surfing at one of Australia’s most famous waves, North Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Tru developed her attacking style under the watchful eyes of Narrabeen greats like Damien Hardman, Nathan Hedge and Laura Enever, and learnt to apply power, speed and commitment amongst the talented crop of juniors coming through her beloved North Narrabeen Boardriders. Tru has competed in many levels of surfing, from the World Junior Titles, the Australian Open Series and Qualifying Series all the way through to being a part of the North Narrabeen team winning the Australian Boardriders Battle in 2021. Tru also works on the commentary team for the WSL event broadcast and runs an online magazine called Murmur. At the age of 21, Tru is truly committed to a life in and around surfing.