Today Sammie will be taking us through and Active Mindfulness practice called TAP-IN ✨

Over time many of us have been conditioned to categorise our emotions into good or bad right or wrong, which can lead us to avoid sitting with and expressing certain emotions, which is where we can see feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm rise. This technique helps us to learn to sit with all ranges of feelings and emotions and further more build more supportive associations with all ranges of our feelings. When we learn to remove judgement and bring greater observance and curiosity to all feelings, we begin to feel a greater capacity to respond to our feelings and manage all types of situations more effectively ✨

When feeling heightened, stop, slow and breathe.

Tune in; to the part of the body you feeling the emotion, guide the breath there with the intention to create space, observe the feeling without attachment or judgement

Ask and accept; without saying “I am” say that “ I am aware that I am feeling or experiencing” … what ever the emotion may be. When we learn to name our emotions, this helps us to remove them from the good or bad, right or wrong box, to just seeing them as a feeling, helping us to dis-identify from them.

Prepare; breathe into the area once more, to ground

Investigate; become curious around where this feeling has come from, is it relevant to me in this moment, or is it a response to a thought from my past or future? again name it without attachment or judgement.

Negotiate; Is my best step to judge myself and this feeling, or is it to stop and breathe, focus on what I can do and that single, next step forward to respect my needs in this moment?

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