With most of the world’s regions wrapping up their Regional Qualifying Series events, the Challenger Series is fast approaching and the qualifiers are looking strong and ready to compete for a spot on the Championship Tour. 

So, we thought we would have a look at who has qualified for the Challenger series across all the regions so far and who our top picks are to qualify and take it to the big dogs… 

Let’s break it down first. The top 6 ranked Women on the Challenger Series will qualify for the 2022 Championship Tour. There are different numbers of qualifiers from each region for the Challenger Series. And, there are already 4 early qualifiers who have earned a spot on the Challenger Series, they are;

Kirra Pinkerton – USA

Gabriela Bryan – Hawaii

Bronte Macaulay – AUS

Molly Picklum  – AUS

Now, here is a list of how many people can qualify from each region…

Africa – 3

Asia – 6

Australia/Oceania – 8

Europe – 8

Hawaii – 6

North America – 8

South America – 5 

The Australia/Oceania region have already locked in their top 8, let’s take a look at who will be qualifying from this region;

Molly Picklum

Macy Callaghan (CT)

Sophie McCulloch 

Zahli Kelly

Bronte Macaulay (CT)

Philippa Anderson

Freya Prumm 

Kobie Enright 

India Robinson

Dimity Stoyle

Molly Picklum @picklummolly pic: @swillpics

Now, we know this is 10 women instead of 8 but from our understanding, Macy and Bronte will have a spot on the Challenger Series because they are on the Championship Tour. 

Now to the other regions, here is a list of all the qualifiers so far (keep in mind there are one or two more events to run so there may be a change up)…


Minami Nonaka 

Mahina Maeda

Hinako Kurakawa

Shino Matsuda

Amuro Tsuzuki 

Minami Nonaka @minami_surf pic: @toshizou_k


Sarah Baum

Zoë Steyn

Natasha Van Greunen 

Sarah Baum @sarahbaum__ pic: unknown


Leticia Canales Bilbao 

Pauline Ado

Vahine Fierro

Maud Le Car

Eveline Hooft

Teresa Bonvalot

Rachel Presti

Garage Sanchez-Ortun 

Teresa Bonvalot @teresabonvalot pic: @pedromestrephoto


Betty Lou Sakura Johnson

Luana Silva

Savanna Stone

Leila Riccobuano

Konami Fierro 

Erin Brooks

BettyLou Sakura Johnson @bettylou.sakura.johnson pic: @fakelegphotography

North America 

Kirra Pinkerton

Mean Collins

Alyssa Spencer

Samantha Sisley

Tia Blanco

Leilani McGonagle

Ella McCaffray

Chelsea Tuach

Kirra Pinkerton @kirrapink pic: unknown

South America

Daniella Rosas

Silvana Lima

Josefina Ane

Dominic Barona

Daniella Rosas @daniella.rosas pic: unknown

So we will be seeing some new and some familiar faces on the Challenger Series and we cannot be more excited. We will have a close eye on a few women from each region to see their movements and if they can crack the Championship Tour circuit! 

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