Have you ever wondered if there were other ways to unlock parts of the body that were tight from surfing or over-moving? We have been doing a bit of research and since getting something called a Shakti Mat, we have found this is a new way to release areas that are tight which you may not be able to get to on your own. 

But be warned, this is not a comfortable experience at all. Not even the slightest, but if you trust us and breathe through the pain, you will not be disappointed. The Shakti Mat unlocks the benefits of acupuncture to relax your body and ease your mind all in the comfort of your own home. 

You’re probably wondering, what is this device and how in the world can it help me? Well, the Shakti Mat works in just 20 minutes with the spikes applying pressure to your skin and muscles to support things like:

  • A deep restful sleep
  • Healthy circulation
  • Relaxation of tense muscles
  • Soothing of headaches
  • Relief from stress
  • Relaxed body and mind
  • General vitality

The Mat can be used over your whole body, we have tried it on our back, neck and shoulders as well as our feet to help with circulation on the parts of our body that we seem to use the most of or if they are a little bit sore. 

For most people (and we felt the same), the Shakti Mat hurts at first, however it soon transforms into sensations of tingling, pulsating and warmth. 


Little tip – pop on a guided meditation while you’re doing it and focus on deep breathing, it takes you to a beautiful place. 

So if you are wanting to retreat and unwind after a busy day at work, with the kids, after a long surf or simply just need a bit of me-time, this is a great way to help.

If you want to know more, head over to https://www.shaktimats.com.au or simply type in “Shakti Mat” in Google and you can see many different options. You won’t regret it! 

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