Grommet of the month is not only all of your favourite segment, however, it is ours to! We absolutely love following all the extremely talented young surfers from around the world. Not only do they shred but they inspire us to keep pushing our boundaries because the talent of these girls who are coming through the ranks is out of this world. 

Speaking of young talent, let us introduce you to the very talented young Australia surfer, Sydney Chevalier. The young lady from Sydney shows to all of us the perfect combination of style, grace and power through her passion for surfing. 

Sydney Chevalier

Name: Sydney Chevalier 

Age: 13

Hometown: Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia

Favourite wave: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia 

Dream Job: Professional surfer 

Main Sponsors: None (yet…) 

3 Major Achievements: Selected in the NSW junior high performance program, Semi Finals in Nsw Junior State Titles and 1st U16 long reef Boardriders. PS: I also landed my first air this summer!!!

5 words to describe yourself: Bubbly, Ambitious, Friendly, Committed, Passionate. 

Sydney Chevalier

After frequently surfing with Sydney over the last few months we have learnt some pretty cool things about her. She’s extremely funny and kind, she rips but most importantly we learnt that she has a big future ahead of her in surfing and we cannot wait to watch her grow! Best of luck to you Sydney, in all your endeavors throughout 2021! See you in the surf soon! 

Murmur xx 


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