Rolling straight into the month of february with our most loved article. Grommet of the month is a chance for us to showcase the high caliber of young female surfing across the world. As females we should be so proud of the rapid growth of women in surfing, we must keep the ball rolling with the extremely talented up and coming surfers. 

In saying this, here is one very talented young surfer coming through the ranks of France! Keep an eye out for her, this young shredder has so much potential and we can’t wait to see her grow! 


Name: Clémence Schorsch

Age: 12

Hometown: Vieux Boucau, a small town in the South west of France

Favourite wave: In front of my surf club in Vieux-Boucau

Dream Job: Sport Teacher 

Main Sponsors: Hurricane

3 Major Achievements: 1st place U12, Les Landes, 2nd place, Championship Nouvelle Aquitaine. 

5 words to describe yourself: Watergirl, competitive, persistent, happy, loveable. 

CLÉMENCE charging!

This talented French goofy footer showcases to us that hard work pays off. Her passion for the ocean shines through in her stylistic surfing. We cannot wait to see you take on France and then the world. Cannot wait to see what 2021 brings for you Clémence, keep shredding, au revoir! 

Murmur xx


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