Hello everyone and welcome back to Murmur Mag 2021!!! 2020 was such an amazing year and we cannot wait to continue all the fun into 2021 including our most loved article Grommet Of The Month. Seeing as it is the new year we will give you a refresher on how this segment works. 

Each month we search for one shredder 16 or younger from anywhere around the world who we think deserves to be showcased on our platform to ultimately promote female surfing. Last year we had 6 amazing young girls from around the world who we thought absolutely shredded. So let’s get into this! 

Photo – Lucy Darragh

We welcome to you the beautiful Lucy Darragh 

Name: Lucy Darragh 

Age: 10 years old

Hometown: Gerringong

Favourite wave: My homebreak Werri Point, however, I also love Aussie pipe!

Dream Job: WSL surfer, then the women’s commissioner (just like JMD)

Main Sponsors: Carve, ZINK surf as well as Mum and Dad 

3 major achievements: NSW 2020 U12 State Champ, 2nd place BL Blast off 2018, 2019 south coast regional champion! 

5 words to describe yourself: Happy, Competitive, Caring, Passionate and Friendly!!! 

Lucy Darragh charging, photo – Lucy Darragh

Lucy is one of Australia’s best up and comers and is one to look out for in the near future. With her strong backside attack along with her graceful forehand Lucy definitely has a promising future ahead. We cannot wait to see what 2021 brings for you Lucy and we are so excited to follow your journey! 

Click the link below to check out her instagram!

Murmur xx


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