Being in the surf industry can be tough at times for anyone. But as a woman, it can be extra hard. However every now and again you come across strong women who are willing to showcase the talent that young female surfers have to offer the world. 

When people come into your life and are passionate about the same thing as you it is hard to not be drawn to them, be inspired by them and bounce off them. India Robinson is very much someone that comes to mind when we think about this special style of person.


QS campaigner India Robinson founded “Queen In Me”. Queen in Me is giving girls and women who surf a voice and an opportunity to stand for equality and also wants to make sure whoever is on a board in the water, is judged only by their abilities and nothing else. 

In January of 2021, Queen In Me will be running an all inclusive female surf camp, which is an experience welcomed to anyone who loves to surf! We thought we would reach out to India to get a little insight on the idea behind Queen in Me, the surf camp coming up in January and what’s on the cards for the future of the brand.

India, Queen In Me is your baby. Talk to me about the idea behind it and what you are wanting young females to achieve through it.

I started the brand queen in me to shine the spotlight on women’s surfing. Through posting videos and showcasing the talent of all female surfers around the globe we are able to provide a platform that inspires the next generation. 

The main objective of Queen in Me is to inspire, educate and empower. it is so important nowadays that all females can feel like they have a chance to do what they want. ultimately we just want to provide a safe place where women feel like they can be looked at and appreciated for their talent.


You are going to be running a camp in January of 2021, can you give me a little insight on what is going to be run throughout the camp, who will be there and what is the main aim or goal you are wanting the participants to get out of it.

Yes, so throughout this journey of growing the queen in me brand we had so many ideas and plans on what we wanted to do. In early 2020 as covid 19 shut down the world we ran the first all female digital surf competition which was one of our biggest dreams. And after doing that we realised that running a competition was great and it was an amazing opportunity for girls to upload surf clips and showcase their talent but we wanted to do more. So that’s where we came up with the idea of a female surf camp. This camp is all inclusive, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how good you surf, we want to run a camp where we can bring a further level of education to women in surfing and provide some inspiration around following your dreams. It is a 2 day camp that will be running out of the surfing australia high performance centre, it includes surf coaching by some of the best female surf coaches in the world, to give off a few names we will be having Kate Wilcomes and Chelsea Hedges as our two main coaches. And as well as surfing we will be doing so many fun and exciting things out of the water including trampoline and skate sessions. we will be having a surprise guest speaker coming in to share her story as well. We want every girl that attends this camp to walk out feeling inspired and empowered. They’re going to walk out feeling like a queen. 

How can people earn their spot in this two day camp?

To book your spot in the camp simply head to or email

What’s on the cards for Queen in Me? Anything exciting planned?

The future of Queen in Me is very exciting. We have lots of big things planned. but for right now our focus is on this camp and providing women with some amazing and empowering content.


You also have a bit of Queen in Me merchandise, where can people wanting to purchase some get it? 

We did release some limited edition merchandise, if you are interested in having a look at it or buying some, simply send me a direct message on instagram @gueen_in_me_est

There you have it ladies. An insight into what’s to come for the future of Queen in Me, some exciting stuff to come so be sure to stay tuned! What we love most about Queen in Me is that it brings out the Queen in everyone. Don’t let your crowns fall ladies… 

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