Big wave charger and music advocate Izzi Gomez has kept herself very busy during this COVID break and we have been watching with a close eye! She has been updating her followers with fresh new content almost daily while keeping it real online and in reality.

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

We thought we would have a quick chat with Izzi and see if she would give us a little insight on what’s been on the cards for her and here’s what she had to say. 

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

Let’s chat about your surfing career, where/when did it start and what kept you going back?

I started surfing on the Gulf Coast of Florida in my Hometown, Anna Maria Island, Where I was born and raised. I was probably about 4 when I actually started to stand up and ride waves on my own but my mom put me on a board as early as age 2. My grandparents, mom and brother all surfed so I think that’s the thing that kept me coming back. It was just another way for all of us to connect and spend time together. 

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

You have one 5 world titles on the APP World Tour. What do you think kept your winning streak and competitive fire alive?

In the beginning I was just a 14 year old kid having fun doing this new thing and travelling around the world so I never really paid it too much attention. I think once I won my first title it definitely triggered that competitive fire because I was the one with the target on my back. I think the main thing that kept me on top was surfing with the boys and constantly pushing myself to get better. I also put a lot of time into working on my mental game. If I’m being completely honest, the last couple years I’ve been trying to go in a different direction with my career  because I’ve accomplished everything I possibly could have in this sport and there really hasn’t been anyone to push me and light that fire in quite some time.

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

You also charge girl! What was so enticing about big wave surfing for you?

Haha thank you 🙂 Big wave surfing has always been in my heart. When I was 6, I started selling shell necklaces that I made so I could go to Hawaii and surf pipe haha! When I was about 16 I just started taking baby steps and getting more comfortable each year in bigger surf. I loved working hard and seeing the pay off. No one really realizes what goes on behind the scenes to get from point A to point B. The past 4 years I have put a lot of time into this goal but I love it and I can’t wait for the years to come.

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_ out JAWS

Red Bull is also a major sponsor for you. How supportive have they been with your different interests and takes on surfing?

Yeah Red Bull is my main sponsor and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! The Family at Red Bull is like no other. They are amazing when it comes to helping you reach a goal no matter how crazy or out of the ordinary. Red Bull has been so supportive of my path every step of the way and has given me the tools and information to help me reach my goals.

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

You also spend a lot of time at the gym. What is your routine like to keep your physical fitness at its peak?

I love training, lol! Honestly the specific focus of the program changes depending on what I’m working towards. A huge part of my training year round is just putting the time in surfing and making sure I’m staying injury free. I’d say the way I stay on top of things is doing a lot injury prevention work.

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

Beside all the different aspects of surfing that you excel in, what are some other passions that you enjoy from day to day?

I love music. I’ve played guitar for half my life and I’ve just always had a passion for it. I feel like it’s such a good way to get in touch with yourself. I also love art. Growing up with my mom who is one of the most creative people I know, she always taught me how important it is to express yourself so I have a huge appreciation for art. Lastly, I love thrifting. That’s probably the thing I’m most excited about when I come home from a trip. I really try to be conscious about how I shop/where I buy from and I feel like thrifting/second hand shopping is one of the most sustainable ways to do it! 

PC Izzi Gomez @izzigomez_

Well, that’s a wrap from the women of many talents. From SUP riding to big wave surfing to musical passions, keep your eyes peeled on Izzi, we have no doubt she has more in her bag of tricks. 

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