Growing up surfing in our home town every year we couldn’t wait for the BL Blast Off to come to town. We got to hang with our out-of-town friends, surf all day (our neck tans went next level), play games and essentially have a truck load of fun.

Now you have to remember, typically surf contests aren’t fun, they’re high stakes, a stress fest and generally results driven.

But not the BL Blast Off, it was fun, as surfing should be.

Barton Lynch is making lemonade out of lemons this year by using the COVID lock down to take his BL Blast Off worldwide with the first ever BL Blast Off Global Video Challenge.

It’s a great way to showcase how much you love surfing, how good you are surfing or even just to connect with other kids from all around the world.

So if you’re 14 years and under, get someone to fire up a video camera and start ripping!

To find out more about the BL Blast Off follow them here:

To find out more about the Barton Lynch follow him here:

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