Don’t know who Carissa Moore is? Well after you watch her new movie RISS. you definitely will. The four-time World Champion and soon to be Olympian, has just dropped a new movie on Redbull TV and we thought we would give it a cheeky review. 

NEW RELEASE OF THE MOVIE. RISS. Pic. @rissmoore10 Instagram

A bit of background on Carissa Moore before we dive into how good her movie is. She qualified for the World Tour back in 2010. She won her first World Title in 2011 followed by one in 2013, another in 2015 and her fourth in 2019. 

Not only is Carissa an extremely talented surfer but she is also an incredible person and this is shown in her film. She has a group of girls who are a part of her ‘Moore Aloha’ program in the hope to inspire and encourage young girl surfers who in turn will hopefully do the same for others. 

Now for the movie. RISS. is a movie like none-other in our opinion. She strips everything back and instead of making it all about her surfing, it’s all about the journey and challenges that she faces whilst travelling (and competing). It focuses on 3 pillars that she lives by, which we won’t give away, you’ll just have to watch it to find out. She makes light out of any situation and creates a very quirky atmosphere throughout the whole 41 minutes.

RISS GETTING HER FAIRY GAME ON. Pic. @rissmoore10 Instagram

We saw a different side of Carissa Moore that we think only her inner circle would actually see. Her “goofy nature” and “happy go-lucky” attitude is completely switched off as soon as it’s go time for the 4x World Champ and as a competitive surfer it is refreshing to see that even the best have a bit of R&R too (as well as napping 300 days a year – if you’ve seen the movie you’ll get it). 

We were completely captivated throughout the whole movie with a great narrative and impressive screenwriting which makes the movie stand-out. 

Hopefully competitive surfing is given the green light soon because we are really looking forward to seeing this smiling powerhouse back on tour. 


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