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by Jesse Starling

Today is definitely a special day, not only for myself but for every female around the world. However, today is especially important for female surfers. Surfing has for years been a male dominant sport however, for years now women’s surfing has been on the rise and is at an all time high right now! Thank you to everyone who played their part in making female surfing what it is today. Whether you’re a competitor, free surfer, photographer, coach or someone who’s just learning to surf thank you for contributing to women’s surfing as a whole. 

Today we wanted to acknowledge some pretty pinnacle female brands that formed and continue to form women’s surfing. The industry has grown so much, but let’s not stop here! 

Lisa Anderson – Roxy


Roxy was one of the first women surf brands. Founded in the 1990’s, Roxy changed the game for female surfing. With Lisa Anderson as the face of roxy female surf brands really rocketed. From supporting women’s events, awesome boardshorts, cracking wetsuits and sick clothing roxy still to this day is one of the biggest female surf brands in the world. Thank you Roxy for everything you have done and the legacy that you have created. 

Ripcurl women


Ripcurl much like roxy is one of the biggest surf brands to ever exist. Ripcurl was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Victoria. Ripcurl hosts one of (if not the most) prestigious surfing events, the bells beach pro for over 50 years. Crowning so many women as champions such as Stephanie Gilmore, Lisa Anderson and Carissa Moore. Ripcurl continues to produce the highest quality products and furthermore pushes women’s surfing to be better each day. 

Layne Beachley – Billabong


Billabong is yet another pinnacle surf brand that changed the game of female surfing. Founded in 1973 Billabong created women’s boardshorts and has only grown since then! Layne Beachley was their main girl for a very long time and now have phenomenal team riders such as Isabella Nicols and Macy Callaghan who both now compete at the very high level of the WCT. 

Jalaan Slabb – Jalaan Surfboards


Jalaan Slabb is an indigenous female surfboard shaper who shreds as well! Team rider of the amazing surf brand Roxy she is really paving the way for female surfboard shapers. At only 16 years old she shapes her own surfboards and has shaped boards for some pretty phenomenal surfers such as 2x WSL World Champion Tyler Wright. Part of the Coodjinburra clan of the Bundjalung nation. Their ancestral land runs wide including northern NSW’s fingal heads. The future’s looking bright thanks to shining stars like you Jalaan, Thank you for all that you do!

India Robinson – Founder of queen in me


Queen in me founded by India Robinson is all things female surfing. Promoting girls surfing from all around the world and encouraging all to participate in their own way. They fight for equal rights and push females surfing to the limits! After running many online competitions such as the Quarantine Queen in Me (which was won by the amazing Betty-Lou Sakura Johnson) Queen in Me hosted its very own 2 day surf camp in partnership with the Surfing Australia HPC and Kate Skarratt earlier this year which just looked like so much fun! Thank you for all that you do India!!

Tru and Jesse Starling founders of Murmur Mag


And then there is us. Murmur, we think we have a big part to play in female surfing. Covering all things surfing and throwing our own Starling twist on it. We live for all things surfing and getting to write about it all for you guys is just an added bonus! Can’t wait to see where Murmur goes and we’ll be here to document all things female surfing along the way. 

Happy International Women’s day to all the ladies out there. Get out and into the salt water today, continue to push your limits in all aspects of life but most importantly female surfing! Thank you to everyone for their contribution to our amazing sport. Can’t wait to see where female surfing goes over the coming years! Let me just say the future is looking promising. And thank you for supporting us! Let’s do this thing.



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