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by Jesse Starling

Some very exciting news was announced this week the BL Blast off it back in action. For all of those who don’t know what the BL Blast off is, it is a junior competition that is a real stepping stone for all young surfers from around Australia to take their first steps into competitive surfing, make like minded friends, improve their surfing, as well as just having a great time.  

However, this year the prestigious comp comes with a twist, the competition is going global!

BL and groms

Now trust me I know what you’re thinking, how is that going to work? The world is in lock down so no one can travel, however, like most things in 2020 it is going online! Grommets ages 14 years and under from all around the world will be able to enter the BL Blast Off via a video entry. Each surfer will be able to submit as many videos as many times as they like throughout the event window for only $3 per entry! 

The event window opens on the 15th of September and closes the 31st of October so get entering now! Each upload can be a single wave, a single manoeuvre or even an edited clip, it is totally up to you!

BL Blast off, ocean view

The BL Blast Off was the first competition I ever competed in, it was my first taste of competing and the reason I haven’t stopped since. The best part is the competition isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about learning, growing and all round having a ball. Rather than being judged on your surfing ability, every single competitor gets feedback on their surfing. This ultimately means everyone walks away a winner, whether you walk away with a medal or some cracking feedback, everyone can go home an all round better surfer. UHHH take me back!

The Competition will be officiated by the one and only Barton Lynch himself alongside a panel of outstanding young surfers including, Jack Robinson, Kyuss King, Eli Hanneman, Vahine Fierro and Mahina Maeda. 

There will be winners announced each week for Most Entertaining clip and Kids who bring the most strokes! Then there will be overall winners announced in the following categories after judging finishes on the 7th of November!

  • The experts choice 
  • People’s choice 
  • Best Wave 
  • Best wipeout 
  • Best Tube 
  • Best Air 
  • Most potential

So to all of our groms out there, get shredding and get submitting! We can’t wait to see what you are all going to bring! 

Head over to their instagram to find out more!



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