USA takes Victory in Brazil

Alyssa Spencer Dominated the field in Brazil making for a very interesting ratings shake up

Saquarema, Brazil…  weren’t you a force to be reckoned with! Throughout the event we saw major upsets, surprising round 1 knockouts, a change in CT contenders, 2 more confirmed qualifications and the wrath of Alyssa Spencer. There’s a lot to cover, and with Halewai just around the corner and only 2 spots for CT qualification remaining, it means the stakes are high coming into Hawaii.  

First up let’s talk about Alyssa Spencer. The 19 year old goofy footer from America really pushed the level for female backhand surfing this event. She didn’t drop a heat the entire event and consistently dropped 7 and 8 point rides in every round. Here’s what she had to say about her time in Brazil. 

alyssa spencer backhand attack // Photo Credit: WSL

“From the moment I arrived in Brazil I loved it, the energy that surrounded that place was like no other and I was feeling so good going into the event! The waves reminded me a lot of my home break so I felt comfortable there for sure! I was confident in the work I’ve put in and just zeroed in on my goal which was to win the event if I wanted to give myself a solid chance at qualification”. 

After her win in Brazil she has jumped 8 spots up in the rankings and now sits in 6th position, one spot below the cut line. The only thing standing between her and the CT is Haleiwa, Teresa Bonvelot and 1335 points. For Alyssa to move up the rankings she must improve on a 17th place which means she will have to make at least the round of 16, but more realistically semis or above. 

screenshot of wsl challenger ranking after brazil challenger

It’s a lot of pressure to take as a 19 year old, and with a lot on the line this is where athletes’ mental, physical and holistic training really comes into play. We spoke to Alyssa on how she is handling the pressure and what her schedule looks like coming into Haleiwa. 

“I’m continuing to work hard on my surfing and push myself. No time to let off the gas now, I’m really excited to be headed to Hawaii because I love it there. I’ll have my parents staying with me so I’m pretty excited for that as well! I want to make this last event a good one and give it my all”  

alyssa spencer, forehand slash // photo credit: WSL

With only 2 spots remaining and at least 10 women in with a chance, no matter how slim they are, it will make for a very interesting and exciting final stop to the 2022 challenger series. Stay tuned for some more stats on this. 

Congratulations again to Alyssa Spencer for taking out the 2022 Saquarema Pro…

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