A film festival dedicated to females in the water… we think yes

Women supporting women, that is what we are all about. When we come across other organizations that are doing the same thing we instantly mesh. She Surf’s Film Tour is a film festival about women, made by women, for women. A film festival showcasing all the phenomenal women in the water and the beauty of surfing. We are proud to be announcing that we are the official media partners of the 2022 She Surf’s Film Tour and are super excited to bring you content and cover the amazing initiative that is this film festival! 

This year, the She Surf’s Film Tour will have 10 screenings across 8 different cities this October and November. With the first screening just around the corner on the 19th of this month over in Perth, we thought we’d give you a little run down into what you can expect for the film Tour coming your way. 

So let’s take a look at the great line up for the 2022 She Surf’s Film Festival: 

Vittoria Farmer in other land by alice ward


A short film featuring Australia’s own Vittoria Farmer and her journey through the raw and unknown landscapes of Ireland. This short film was produced by the incredible Alice Ward, who was able to create a real sense of magic through the lens.  

lucy small in below surface by dani hansen


A film made by Dani Hansen showcasing Lucy Smalls’ fight to change the way the world perceives women in sport. An inspiring piece for anyone watching and definitely makes you want to help break the cycle of sexism in sport. 

izzi gomez in fabric: knowledge by robin van gryn


A short film that showcases the power of knowledge and human connection. Featuring some of the most inspirational women in sport Izzi Gomez, Paige Alms and Robin Van Gyn who also produced this short film, they are responsible for reminding us all that wisdom and guidance can take us anywhere in the world. 

the physics of nose riding by lauren hill


The title says it all, nose riding is one of the hardest maneuvers our sport has to offer. Namaala Slabb and Lauren Hill go into detail behind the science of surfing’s fluid dance. 

nique miller in me, nique miller by andrew schoener


A behind the scenes inside look into the life of Nique Miiller. We see the lifestyle of a professional longboarder and stand up paddle surfer on the beautiful island of Oahu. Shot through the lens by the extremely talented Andrew Schoener it really is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. 

jesse, tru and bill starling in bill’s world by chelsea williams


Well this one we know all too well. A story of myself Jesse Starling alongside my sister Tru starling and our journey to break into the professional world surfing circuit. The extremely talented Chelsea Williams produced a fun, upbeat film where we showcase to you our biggest fan yet, Bill. 

josie pendergast in glide


In this film we meet the beautiful and ever graceful Josie Pendergast, a 22 year old free surfer who just oozes style. In this film, we follow Josie navigate her way through Batu Karas, Indonesia as she makes the most of everything this magical place has to offer. 

wrenna delgado in bigger than me by claire corman


Filmmaker Claire Corman produces a female coming of age film about Wrenna Delgado and the challenges of being a woman in sport. We get an inside scoop into Wrenna and her life as she takes on the huge task of big waves. 

a story about women in arguam bay and the challenges they face, family womxn


A film about women in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka and the challenges they face of the strict cultural and religious expectations that stop them from entering public spaces and participating in sports such as surfing. An inspiring film that makes you want to help and make a difference. 

With a lineup like that you would be silly to miss one of the screenings this year! This film Tour is about bringing communities together to celebrate women and celebrate our beloved sport that is surfing! To see if a screening is coming your way check out the She Surf’s Film Tour Website via the link below. 

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