Brisa Hennessy and Her Road to the Final 5

Well I think it is pretty safe to say that it has been another massive year for not only competitive surfing, but female surfing in general.

This year we have seen more progression and growth in female surfing than in any other year in memory. Having the women compete in events such as Pipeline, Sunset and Teahupo’o, we have seen so many women across the globe rise to another level and prove that the bar is continuously lifting. One woman in particular Brisa Hennessy has been right at the forefront of all of this. From winning her first CT event, to being the Jeep Leader for majority of the first 5 events and for clinching that prized final 5 position on the WSL leaderboard. It is safe to say Brisa has brought her A Game this year and is paving the way for what we can expect from her in the years to come. 


To have achieved all this so early in her career we wanted to ask Brisa what 2022 has been like, how she is feeling and what she is doing to prepare for the WSL final 5. Here’s what the beautiful Brisa Hennessy had to say. 

Brisa, to say it has been a huge year for you is an understatement. Talk us through how this year on tour has been for you? 

It’s honestly hard to articulate it all and to put it into words. The most rewarding, draining, heart fulfilling, stressful, lesson filled year of my whole life – to make it short haha! I think each of us came out of this year with a new perspective, a stronger heart and mind and a new appreciation for the in-between moments of this journey”. 

Brisa Hennessy

With this year having some of your career best highlights you can see that all the hard work and time you’ve been putting in has been really paying off. Talk us through what your lead up to all the events looks like? 

“No one’s journey is ever linear and I think trying to embrace being more comfortable with knowing that’s a part of it has helped me with sustainability and mental clarity. It’s always a learning process for me but to try to go into the event with truly no expectations and to keep it simple. Finding my drive and spark for each individual event”. 

Brisa Hennessy

Now let’s get into Tahiti, what a moment that was, you made it, you clinched a spot into the final 5, talk us through what that moment was like for you? 

“Leading up to that event I was pretty overwhelmed with uncertainty and the unknown but the moment I landed in Tahiti I felt at peace. I knew I had to let go of the things I can’t control and tune into what I can. It was extremely tough to come up against Lakey, one of my favoUrite surfers and favoUrite people but I knew it was going to be a battle where we would give our whole hearts and leave it all in the water. When I made that one wave I felt the whole weight of this year being lifted off my shoulders and I got to finally release every emotion that has been built up. It was extremely special, especially to have so much love and support near and far”. 

Brisa Hennessy

Lower Trestles, probably one of the funnest waves in the world, how are you feeling coming into this final event competing for your first ever world title? 

“I’m extremely excited! I competed here my whole junior career and since I was 10 so it holds such a special place in my heart. Pretty surreal coming back and reliving those moments and making new ones. I’m just honoUred to get the opportunity to compete on this stage and to be amongst my heroes. It’s definitely a pinch myself moment”. 

Brisa Hennessy

What would it mean to you to win a world title?  

“I honestly haven’t truly thought of it since I was little when it was a dream and now to possibly have the opportunity to be in contention is indescribable. As surfers it’s why we work hard and give everything everyday. I don’t think Little Brisa would believe me but I hope I can make her proud, as well as my family of love and support”. 

Brisa Hennessy

Well there you have it. The mind of a champion. Brisa is sitting at rank number 4 coming into the final event at Lower Trestles. We are backing her all the way. No Matter the outcome, she has had an amazing year and the question of “will Brisa Hennessy win a World Title?” isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when. Make sure you tune in to see Brisa fight for her first world title on the WSL app or website. 

To find out more about Brisa, follow her journey here:

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