Before you compare yourself against another, take time to understand what you are actually doing in times of comparison

In times of uncertainty, fear or change in life we can find ourselves comparing ourselves, our decisions, path and life circumstances against others and usually compare ourselves unfavourable, which can blind us to our own progress, gifts, skills and ability to do and choose what is right and true for us ✨⁣

Majority of our comparisons become specific and selective, backing and validating thoughts and feelings with evidence that commonly only backs our judgements, assumptions and the areas we feel lack in without question✨⁣

Remember you can’t compare yourself against anyone else, only yourself, who you were last week, last month or last year. Why because there is no other you in the world and no two people have had the same experiences, conditioning or have made the same choices. ⁣

And as I say to clients remember “I can’t compare myself to what I am not doing, what I haven’t done or experienced yet, only myself, my own progress and my own individual choices I make to learn from my past and to work towards what I want in my life that is true to me”

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