Ever wanted that perfect board for when the surf is crazy small (or borderline not surfable at all) but there is still just enough of a wave to get excited about? Well with the small conditions we have been experiencing over summer at our home break, I felt inspired to try out a few of our old faithfuls in the board-room.

One board that really stood out for me was the RYD ‘First Time’ Soft Surfboard which is the ‘brainchild’ of RYD ambassador Caio Ibelli. With the setup of a twin fin, this fun board features a swallowtail, slight winger and full concave leading into the fins. 


Now I have to declare up front here that I am a brand ambassador for RYD, but this isn’t about plugging a sponsor, I have ridden softboards in the past but this board leaves them for dead. Can I tell you, not only does this board feel amazing under the arm, it feels just as good under your feet! 

The conditions I surfed the board in were 1-2 foot clean little A-frames and I could not get enough of this board! It surfed like a really fun twinnie (twin-fin), but with all the perks of a foamie! The extra volume allowed me to fly through the dead/flat sections but the speed that I was able to generate allowed me to lay down the rail and release the fins on command!

Another perk was that not much wax was required to keep from slipping off the board! 

I cannot speak highly enough of this board and if I could, I would use it as an everyday board for 2 foot and under. So to say the least, I rate all aspects of this board a 5 out of 5, with the overall feel of the board, I don’t think you can get much better for a performance soft surfboard twin fin. 

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