For anyone that loves a good midnight scroll on Instagram and is looking for some good accounts to follow, this is the space for you. Whether it be surfing related, comedy, inspirational or just damn straight adorable, we have got you covered. 

Below we have accumulated what we believe to be the top 8 best social media pages to follow:

Stab Mag ( @stab ) – because who doesn’t love surfing’s number 1 gossip page?

Beach Grit ( @beach_grit ) – for constant giggle

Ivy Miller ( @ivuss ) – Ivy takes real life situations and puts a different yet hilarious spin on them

Kook Slams ( @kookslams ) – another constant crack up page

Bulldogs of Instagram ( @bulldogsofig ) – because who doesn’t love a daily dose of rolls 

The Inspired Unemployed ( @theinspiredunemployed ) – if you haven’t heard of these guys then you must be living under a rock

Dr Pimple Popper ( @drpimplepopper ) – you know that feeling where you don’t want to look but can’t look away? This page achieves just that

Doughnut Time ( @doughnut_time ) – this is mouth watering HEAVEN

There you have it. Just a few instagram pages to scroll through when you can’t sleep or when you just need a bit of a laugh!

We want to hear your thoughts on some more instagram pages you think everyone should follow!

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