Welcome back to my personal favourite article! Yes, that’s right, grommet of the month is here for it’s October edition! If you’re new to this series then let me fill you in! These articles are a platform for us to showcase young girls surfers who are under the age of 16 from around the world! Once our grommet is selected we give you the inside scoop of these young shredders! So let’s meet our newest grommet for this month! 

Ocea Curtis

Name: Ocea Curtis 

Age: 11

Hometown: Lennox Head, Australia  

Favourite wave: Either Lennox point or Nias in Indonesia!

Dream job: I would like to be a pro surfer and hopefully become a world champion 

If you could describe yourself in 5 words what would they be: I would say that I am Determined, Athletic, Kind, Fearless and a little bit crazy!

Ocea Curtis – spicy backhand snap

We absolutely adore this amazing young lady! We have had the pleasure of hanging out with this cutie and can we just say she is one amazing surfer and an even more phenomenal human being! We can’t wait to surf with you more and we are super excited to see you flourish in all your endeavours! Keep shredding girl! 

Go Check out her instagram here!

See you next month! 


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