It seems that these days everyone has a little bit more time on their hands. Scrolling through Netflix or Stan, trying to find a good TV show or movie to watch. We all know you have, don’t deny it. And, how annoying can it be when you spend 20 minutes scrolling through all the shows and you cannot find anything?!

Well, we are here to help… We have gathered a list of some of the most inspiring surf movies of all time for you to watch during your down time or even to put on in the background if you are working from home. 

So here you have it, our list of surf movies that we believe is well worth the watch (and we have seen them all ourselves – some more than once haha)…

Big Wednesday – 1978

Soul Surfer – 2011

Momentum Generation – 2018

Andy Irons: Kissed by God – 2018

Surfs Up – 2007

Chasing Mavericks – 2012

Blue Crush – 2002

BLUE CRUSH, Mika Boorem, Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Bosworth, Sanoe Lake, 2002 (c) Universal, Courtesy Everett Collection

North Shore – 1987

Point Break – 2015

Blue Hawaii – 1961

Undone – 2020

So, whether you want to have some family time on a Sunday afternoon or to psych you up before a surf, these iconic films will keep you wanting more and that’s the whole beauty of surfing isn’t it?

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