Yep you guessed it! Our favourite cheeky article is back, pin up boy for september is now here! Throughout this series we’ve been to America, Tahiti, France and now somewhere even more tropical. 

But of course we followed the same rules: 

We choose from an international playing field. 

They have to be 18 or over. 

Be a surfer, snowboarder, skater, musician or actor.

Knows how to treat the ladies right

And of course a hottie. 

Introducing September  2020 Pin Up Boy


Name: Rio Waida 

Age: 20

Hometown: Bali, Indonesia  

Star sign: Aquarius (most compatible with Aries) 

Favourite Wave: Uluwatu 

First Date Ideas: how would u take a girl on her first date: ahah uhm, show her around bali, take her surf and then watch the beautiful bali sunset.


One of the sweetest guys I know, super easy to get along with and is a really funny guy, plus he lives in one of the nicest places in this world. Keep and eye out for him ladies. 

Check out his instagram here…


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