So you have decided to date your dream surfer girl with an adventurous spirit, year round tan, fit body and salty kisses…well aren’t you just lucky. 

Let us give you some inside tips on how to survive a relationship with a surfer girl. 

First things first, we will always and I mean always put the surf first. If the surf is cooking off it’s head, nine times out of ten we will choose to go surf pumping waves until dark rather than glam up for a fancy dinner date. Don’t get me wrong we are girls and love to be spoiled but the surf is our second home and will always be our main priority. 

SURF COMES FIRST!!!! Pic. Murmur-Mag

That one time out of ten that we do decide to ditch the perfect waves for that date with you, we will most definitely rock up with messy, wet salty hair that has been thrown into a bun to make us look semi presentable. As for makeup, we generally use our zinc as foundation, quickly throw on some waterproof mascara and a bit of lip balm to make us look somewhat ok. #sandinmyhairdontcare 

When it comes to sleepovers, be prepared to wake up with sand in the bed, your pillows smelling of salt and a note on your bedside table saying ‘gone surfing xo’. Most of us are early risers so if you’re not an early bird then you better become one or be happy to wake up alone.


Surfer girls generally love to be active, so we are always on the go. It is a major perk if you surf too but if you don’t, be ready to get outdoors a lot!! Be warned, we do tend to be extremely competitive so if you think going on a nice evening stroll won’t turn into a running race, well think again. 

Surfing being a male dominant sport has led us to be super easy going when it comes to being around guys because we’ve grown up with so many of them in the line up. However, this does mean we have A LOT of guy friends so let’s hope you’re not the jealous type.

Probably the hardest thing about dating a surfer girl is learning a new language. If you are not a surfer you will quickly learn that surfers have their own slang when it comes to many things in life. So here’s a quick little dictionary for the basic surfer slang.

Gnarly – something that is super hectic

Quiver – the collection of surfboards that we have

Reo – a turn in the surf  

Over the falls – when you fall from the top of the wave to the bottom of the wave

Pumped – getting smashed around under water

Right / left hander – which way we go on the wave

Wait for the tide to swing – waiting for the change of tide to potentially increase the conditions.

So to put this in a sentence,

 “I wanted to take the new quiver out on this sick left hander but conditions weren’t right so i waited for the tide to swing, the surf ended up being super gnarly, i tried to do a reo and ended up going over the falls and got pumped”


Sound familiar?? If it doesn’t then I hope our  brief dictionary might help a little. You’ll get the gist of surf slang pretty quickly but if you don’t, take the penguins from madagascar’s advice and just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.


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